Doğan Holding Chairwoman Begüm Doğan Faralyalı speaks at Uludağ Economic Summit:“Sustainability should be our foremost issue”



The Uludağ Economic Summit has been organized by Capital, Ekonomist and Start Up since 2012 and represents Turkey’s most important gathering of the business and economic communities. This year, the event took place in Sapanca at NG Enjoy Hotel the business and opinion leaders of the rapidly changing world as well as those in Turkey, the Summit’s theme this time was “Policies and Business Strategies to Enable the New Generations to Shape the Future.” The panel discussions at the Summit, which started after a speech by Minister of the Treasury and Finance, Dr. Nureddin Nebati, enjoyed the participation of opinion leaders from the world of business, economics, and politics, all of Gathering together whom focused their words on the Centennial Anniversary of the Republic.

In the panel titled, “The Model for the Future of the Turkish Business Community in the 100th Year: Goal-oriented Leadership and Strategies,” the subject discussed was how to turn Turkey into a center of opportunity in the Republic’s second century through the strategies of the business world and the country’s younger population. Moderator for the talks was Deloitte Turkiye CEO Başak Vardar, who headed a panel that was attended by Esas Holding Chairman Ali Sabancı, Yıldız Holding Chairman Ali Ülker and Doğan Holding Chairwoman Begüm Doğan Faralyalı.

“Sustainability should be our foremost issue”

Participating in the Summit panel on “The Model for the Future of the Turkish Business Community in the 100th Year: Goal-oriented Leadership and Strategies,” Doğan Holding Chairwoman Begüm Doğan Faralyalı said that a new concept of leadership should make sustainability their foremost issue. She continued to say: “It’s about time that we as the business community acted in the interests of our whole community. And to do this, sustainability should be our foremost issue. This can only be done with a new concept of leadership.” We need leaders and more women leaders who can lead from outside in and inside out, who have high awareness, have completed their own personal development, know their own worth and live in harmony with this consciousness, who lead with love, not fear, who are not only knowledgeable but also able to make decisions with wisdom, courage and intelligence, and who can be alert listeners.”

“We are concentrating on working for the future”

Faralyalı said that Doğan Holding continued to work towards becoming a reformative and reparative corporation, adding, “We are transforming our portfolio so as to match our goals for sustainability. We are taking decisions to remove ourselves from sectors that produce high quantities of carbon emissions or from those that are too difficult to transform. For example, we sold our Çelik Halat company in 20222. This week, we’ve completed the sale of our Aytemiz company. We are now looking for new investment opportunities in the light of attaining sustainability. We are concentrating on working for the future. We achieved the first green public offering in Turkey with Galata Wind. We are increasing our renewable energy investments. We have invested in KAREL, a leading technology company in Turkey’s R&D, design and production sector. With Doğan Trend Automotives, we continue to invest in sustainable mobility. We are working to be a company that doesn’t contaminate our Earth but instead provides benefits, a company that doesn’t cause problems but solves them, one that creates opportunities, acts toward the common good, is beneficial, restorative and reparative, in short to be a good company. I think we are the only corporation in Turkey where all the shareholding members of the board are women. We are working with all our might because becoming an exemplary and responsible company in the business world is something that we deserve to be.”

Doğan Holding calls out to the business world with the voice of the “New Generation”

The New Generation was the focus of the summit, and this younger generation was given the opportunity to make their voices heard at the panel discussions. Videos of 13 young people who were students, newcomers to business life, and non-government organization representatives, were broadcast between the panel sessions, giving them the opportunity to share their ideas, wishes and comments with the opinion leaders of the business world.

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