Careers At Doğan Holding

Doğan Holding follows a policy of using internal resources first and foremost when meeting Group companies’ human resources needs.

The Holding launched a new project, İçimizden Doğan, for the selection and placement of employees in an effort to meet our need for talent in recruitment and career management processes from within our own ranks. This new project also aims to turn intra-Group transfers into viable career paths for employees. It has already enabled Group companies to post their open positions on a platform that all employees can access and use to apply for these openings, a testament to the Holding’s dedication to transparency.

Systems such as this build synergy and cooperation between Group companies, enhancing the strength of the Group as a whole. In cases where internal searches fail to locate the needed human resource, the search turns outward. Selection and placement processes rely on face-to-face interviews, personality inventories, English language exams (for positions where English proficiency is necessary) and Assessment Center applications (as needed).

Employee training begins with an orientation and continues throughout the year depending on employee needs and career planning. Career planning, structured to respond to employee performance, also provides necessary resources to the Group on the whole.

We aim to contribute more to our employees’ career journey; therefore, the trainings for;

  • Personal Development
  • Managerial Skills
  • Professional Skills

are designed In line with all the needs determined after looking at the individual’s performance and development process or the analyses conducted.

For job applications, please send your CV to

Job applications to be made to our Company shall be accepted only through the address within the scope of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.



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