Finance & Investment

Doğan Holding operates in finance and investment through subsidiaries offering tailored solutions for customers driven by a reliable and high-quality service approach based on customer needs and satisfaction, and continuously increasing their performance with robust and trusted corporate structures.

Doruk Finansman  National Long-Term Credit Rating: (TR) BBB / National Short-Term Credit Rating: (TR) A3 / Outlook: Stable  SAHA
Doruk Faktoring  National Long-Term Credit Rating: AA- (Trk) / National Short-Term Credit Rating: A-1+ (Trk) / Outlook: Stable  JCR Eurasia Rating

Doruk Faktoring

Established within Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. in 1999, Doruk Faktoring made a name for itself thanks to a diverse range products and services developed for media enterprises, including invoicing and collections as well as finance. In time, Doruk Faktoring expanded the market of its products and services to other sectors as well.

Having changed its title to Doruk Faktoring A.Ş. in November 2017 (formerly Doğan Faktoring A.Ş.), the company continues to offer reliable, fast and high-quality solutions with its client-focused service approach and specialized team.

Doruk Faktoring’s area of operations has been expanded to include accounting, balancing, legal as well as financial services, and the company serves as a robust financial solutions partner for its clients, to which it generates funding using its strong equity capital as well as external resources. Doruk Faktoring continues its operations driven by its deep-rooted experience, expertise, and the dedication to support its clients on a growing basis.

Doruk Faktoring is a member of the Association of Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies, a body to which membership is mandatory for all enterprises engaged in said fields as per the law no 6361.


Doruk Finansman

Established as DD Konut Finansman A.Ş., a Deutsche Bank and Doğan Holding joint venture, Doruk Finansman commenced its operations in 2008 as the first mortgage company of Turkey upon receiving the necessary license from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority of Turkey (BRSA).

In August 2017, Deutsche Bank sold its entire stake (49%) in the company to Doğan Holding, increasing Doğan Holding’s stake to 97%.

The company was renamed to Doruk Finansman A.Ş. and its area of operation changed with the restructuring in December 2017 Today, the company offers commercial loans for the trade of goods and services, collateral, collection and legal reporting services with a focus on reliability and quality, driven by effective and fast decision making processes.

The company secures trade financing for high-credibility natural and legal persons from all sectors, utilizing the funds it generates by using its equity capital as well as external resources.

Doruk Finansman operates with the vision of providing continuous, innovative, trustworthy and fast services that will create added value for its clients.


Öncü Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı

Established by Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. in 2014, Öncü VCIT (Venture Capital Investment Trust – VCIT) aims to make venture capital investments in high-potential ventures and new areas of business for the Doğan Group.

Öncü VCIT’s services are primarily aimed at tech/software firms in need of financial and strategic restructuring, innovative enterprises that target growth, highly competitive businesses that are looking to expand their operations, companies with significant export potential and/or foreign currency cash inflows, venture startups and SMEs.

Öncü VCIT’s investments include digital technology, personalization and forecast analytics provider Insider; cartoon, animation, licensed merchandize and digital investments company Düşyeri; venture capital fund investing in mid-market and SME sector enterprises in Turkey Mediterra Capital, and retail food chain Tavuk Dünyası.

Öncü VCIT continues to support the venture capital ecosystem by expanding its portfolio, leveraging the expertise, experience and effective portfolio management approach of Doğan Group.