We create long-term value to benefit our planet and humanity. We contribute to our communities’ prosperity through our inclusive business models and social-benefit-oriented approach to management.

At Doğan Group, we seek to minimize the environmental risks facing humanity and the environment. We transform opportunities into accomplishments that bring value to the fields in which we operate. Sustainability is, and will remain, our key value and we believe that we must develop comprehensive solutions to global and local challenges together.

We understand that ensuring a healthy future means protecting the environment, and our value-focused perspective drives us to make a positive impact. In our efforts to meet these challenges, we invest in areas that will add value in the future. Our Sustainability Policy is at the core of our corporate governance system and we share it with every individual and organization that joins us on our journey, from employees to suppliers, customers and business partners.

Our relationships are built on trust

We set out on our journey with the confidence that our organization would exist as long as the world does. We focus on productivity and on bringing value to international communities. Since our founding in 1959, we have invested in companies developing products, services and technologies. Continued innovation has been among our primary goals throughout all these investments, although we remain equally committed to maintaining social benefits and preserving the natural environment. We have built robust partnerships with all of our domestic and international collaborators, basing our relationships on trust and shared values. Our sustainability vision ensures that our investments and partnerships will survive changing and evolving global conditions.

We care value and add value

At Doğan Group, we know that no action is limited to its initial point of impact. A single action can snowball into a movement, and even a single drop of water can affect a vast ocean, just as an idea can shape the future and one person can influence society at large. With this awareness, we have designed all stages of our operations to align with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We benefit our planet by taking concrete steps against climate change, and add value to society by championing equality and local production while also committing to continuously pursue innovation in order to secure a better future for all of us. We call this the “Doğan Impact.”

We add value to our planet

We value every living being on this planet, and we steward the planet by taking concrete steps against climate change. We believe that production and business processes have the power to ensure sustainability, and we aim to positively affect the environment by doing more than just reducing our impact.

We add value to society

We understand that each individual impacts society and, as we conduct business, we follow a common value approach that fosters development for both the individual and society. While re-establishing our value creation principles, we adopt an egalitarian and inclusive business model that benefits all of our stakeholders, from our employees to our business partners, supply chain and customers.

We add value to the future

We believe in the power of innovation to secure a better future. We nurture our entrepreneurial vision through open innovation and cross-sectoral collaborations and partnerships. In addition to integrating into all of our companies an innovative, resilient and flexible management approach, we also encourage out-of-the-box business thinking because we are committed to fulfilling our global responsibility to protect the future through every aspect of our operations.


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