Sustainability Committee

Çağlar Göğüş

Co-president (Executive Director)

Ayşegül İldeniz

Co-president (Indipendent Board Member)

Neslihan Sadıkoğlu

Coordinator (Vice President, Corporate Communications and Sustainability)

Bora Yalınay

Member (Member of Executive Committee, CFO)

Eren Sarıçoğlu

Member ( Member of Executive Committee. Business Development and Business Management)

Cengiz Musaoğlu

Member (Vice President, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance)

Şebnem Bezmen

Member (Vice President, Human Resources)

Burak Kuyan

Member (General Manager, Doğan Enerji)

Hulusi Horozoğlu

Member (General Manager, D Yatırım Bankası)

Kağan Dağtekin

Member (General Manager, Doğan Holding Automotive Group Companies)

Osman Sever

Member (General Manager, Ditaş/General Manager of Industry)

Selim Şavul

Member (General Manager, Sesa Ambalaj)


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