Frequently Asked Questions

Can you briefly describe Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş.?

Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. (“Doğan Holding”,“Holding” or the “Group”) was established on 22 September 1980 and is registered in Turkey. Main operating activity of the Holding is to invest in various sectors via associates, to provide all necessary support to its subsidiaries and joint ventures in order to develop their activities.

What are the fields of activities that Dogan Holding is in?

The main fields of activities are petroleum products retail, electricity generation and trading, industry and trade, automotive trade and marketing, financing and investment, internet and entertainment and real estate investments.

When was Doğan Holding established?

Doğan Holding was established on September 22, 1980.

How long has Doğan Holding been traded on the Borsa Istanbul A.Ş. (BIST)?

Doğan Holding is registered with the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”) and its shares are quoted on the Borsa Istanbul A.Ş. (“BIST”) since 21 June 1993.

On which exchanges does Doğan Holding trade?


What is Doğan Holding’s issued capital?

Doğan Holding’s issued capital is TL 2,616,938,288

What is the number of shares that represents issued capital of Doğan Holding?

The number of shares that represents issued capital of Doğan Yayın Holding are 2,616,938,288.

What is the free-float of Doğan Holding?

It is regarded that 35.84% of Doğan Holding shares (31 December 2019: 35.84%) are outstanding as of 31 December 2020 based on the Central Registry Agency’s (“CRA”) records.

What is Doğan Holding’s shareholding structure?

Click here for the share holding structure of Doğan Holding.

Are there any participations of Doğan Holding that are trading on the BIST?

Doğan Burda Dergi Yayıncılık ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (DOBUR)
Milpa Ticari ve Sınai Ürünler Pazarlama Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (MIPAZ)
Çelik Halat ve Tel Sanayii A.Ş. (CELHA)
Ditaş Doğan Yedek Parça ve İmalat A.Ş. (DITAS)

What is the revenue breakdown of Doğan Holding?

In FY2020, 75% of the consolidated revenues generated from energy, 13% from industry & trade, 5% from automotive, %4 from ınternet & entertainment, 2% from finance & ınvestment and 1% from real estate investments.

When is Doğan Holding's fiscal year?

Fiscal year of Doğan Holding is the 12-month calendar year (January - December).

How often does Doğan Holding report its financials?

Doğan Holding reports its financials on quarterly basis. Click here for the quarterly financial reports and summary financials.

Who are Doğan Holding’s independent auditors?

Click here for the independent auditors of Doğan Holding.

Where can I find Doğan Holding’s annual reports?

Click here for the annual reports of Doğan Holding.

Where can I find Doğan Holding’s investor presentations?

Click here for the investor presentations of Doğan Holding.

Where can I find Doğan Holding’s financial calendar?

Click here for the financial calendar of Doğan Holding.

Where can I find Doğan Holding’s code of ethics?

Click here for the code of ethics of Doğan Holding.

When is the Annual General Assembly Meeting of Doğan Holding?

The ordinary general assembly meeting of Doğan Holding was held on March 27, 2020. Click here for the detail information regarding the Doğan Holding’s Annual General Assembly Meeting.

Does Doğan Holding have a Corporate Governance Rating?

SAHA Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. ("Saha"), a registered corporate governance ratings provider in Turkey based on the Capital Markets Board (CMB) corporate governance principles, revised up our rating score as 9.51 (95.10%) out of 10 on November 05, 2020. Click here for the Corporate Governance Rating Reports of Doğan Holding.

Where can I find Doğan Holding’s Articles of Association?

Click here for the Articles of Association of Doğan Holding.

Where can I find information about Doğan Holding’s Board of Directors?

Click here for the information regarding Doğan Holding’s Board of Directors

What is Doğan Holding’s dividend distribution policy?

Click here for the dividend distribution policy of Doğan Holding.

How many people does Doğan Holding employ?

As of December 31, 2020, the total number of individuals employed at Doğan Holding and at both domestic and international affiliates was 3,533, of which 3,225 are employed in Turkey.

Who can I contact with questions about Doğan Holding?

You can reach Investor Relations by calling +90 216 556 90 00 or by e-mailing