Internet & Entertainment

Doğan Holding’s internet and entertainment investments include a company at the beating heart of the real estate sector,, as well as Kanal D Romania with its original content, Turkey’s first slow music radio station Slow Türk, one of the music sector leaders DMC, premium video content platform Netd. It also invests in strong literary brands, including Doğan Kitap and Egmont and Doğan Burda, a leading player in publishing with a portfolio of 59 periodicals.


Kanal D Romania

Dogan Media International S.A.

Since its launch in 2007, Kanal D Romania has continuously strengthened its market position through its innovative approach and unique content, becoming one of Romania’s key broadcasting networks with the second highest national prime time ratings.

The channel offers viewers a 360-degree infotainment experience through expansive media packages. One of the three broadcasting networks with top ranked media packages, Kanal D Romania’s portfolio includes Radio Impuls, a popular music station that reaches the country’s major cities, as well as strong digital platforms (,,, and In a sector characterized by fierce competition, Radio Impuls continues its string of successes, maintaining its large audience and position in the business. The many awards it has received from various organizations and business publications testify to its quality and popularity. Recent awards include the Excellence in Financial Performance Award from the Bursa magazine, and the CEO of the Year award from the business arena in 2019.

12 million

printed access per year

over 15 million

digital access per month

over 100

events per year


Doğan Burda

With a portfolio of 59 periodicals and a creative and innovative approach to publishing, Doğan Burda significantly contributes to the development of the sector. Doğan Burda also derives its strength from its expertise and licensing agreements with 11 international periodicals.

Through over 100 events each year, Doğan Burda Magazines unite readers and advertisers. These events—which range from social responsibility projects, festivals, award ceremonies, seminars, press sponsorships and special magazine projects—enhance brand awareness and include a diverse array of organizations. The Uludağ Economy Summit and Elle Style Awards are just two of the highly popular events Doğan Burda Magazine organizes annually.

Turkey’s leading business and economy event, Uludağ Economy Summit has been co-organized by Capital, Ekonomist and Start Up magazines since 2012. Each year, the summit brings prominent panelists from Turkey and around the world to an audience of businesspeople. Its eighth iteration, which took place from March 22-23, 2019, addressed a range of sectors, from industry to trade, production, retail, finance and technology.

The Elle Style Awards have taken place each year since 2010, recognizing outstanding style in fashion, film, television, music, business and entertainment. Held at a breathtaking location with an enchanting atmosphere, the awards act as a truly impressive spectacle for television, radio, print and online media.


Doğan Egmont

Launched with the motto the “Future is Reading,” Doğan Egmont is the Doğan Group’s first foreign-partner investment. Established in 1996 as a joint venture with Egmont, one of the oldest publishers in Scandinavia, Doğan Egmont is the leading book and magazine publisher in Turkey. Its rich portfolio of publications reaches audiences of all ages and interests. In particular, the children’s books by Turkish and foreign authors aim to foster a love for reading from a young age, and its collection of children’s magazines support learning through entertainment.

In response to developments in the sector, in December 2007, Doğan Egmont acquired Doğan Kitap, a staple in the literary world since 1999 due to its unwavering dedication to principled publishing. Through the Doğan Kitap brand, Doğan Egmont now reaches diverse audiences through modern and classic writing by acclaimed authors from Turkey and the world. It has also recently launched several sub-brands to ensure accurate and targeted communications, including DEX in 2011, DEX Plus in 2013, and CEO Plus and Doğan Novus in 2014. Doğan Novus publishes personal development, health, nutrition and astrology books, DEX publishes fantasy, science fiction and romance literature, and CEO Plus focuses on business and career advice books.

In 2018, Doğan Egmont entered the field of education, launching Doğan Akademi to offer practice test books developed by teams of experts for primary school, high school and university exams. Doğan Akademi closely follows developments in education, employing cutting-edge technology to compile reference books that align with students’ syllabi and promote effective, long-lasting learning. The ultimate aim is enhancing comprehensive and systematic understanding of course subjects, and thus improving student performance in their classes and exams.

Doğan Egmont will continue to publish the works of renowned authors while also expanding its practice test publishing and playing a pioneering role for the development of digital publishing in Turkey, and maintaining its leadership position in the sector through its investments in e-books and audio books.


8000 books

more than

2000 writers

1500 hours

of audio book

100 million



100 artists

distribution services for more than

200 record labels


Doğan Music Company


Founded in 2000, DMC, one of the leading music companies in Turkey, provides distribution services to more than 200 record labels, while also partnering with close to 100 artists under its own label.

In 2016, DMC partnered with the Glamorous Celebrity Management Agency (GCMA) to offer talent management and agency services. Pulling from its expansive pool of talented actors and actresses, it now provides talent for television, film and advertising projects.


Glokal Dijital Hizmetler Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Hürriyet Emlak, established in 2006 within Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş., continued to grow stronger as the world's leading investment bank, Goldman Sachs, partnered with the platform in 2018. Following one of the biggest steps on its digital transformation journey, the platform has been rebranded as hepsiemlak in 2021.

The brand has adopted the principle of providing technology solutions that make life easier for those looking to buy real estate as well as professional and individual advertisers. Employing a field team all across Turkey and a staff of 200 people, the brand offers services through its website and mobile application.

Succeeding in reducing the ad entry time to less than two minutes and increasing customer-to-seller reach rate by 30 percent, hepsiemlak is the leader in digitizing the real estate industry in Turkey and operates with the vision of being the most reliable platform for anyone who wants to either buy, sell or rent real estate with superior user experience, expertise real estate, a particular focus on high quality and value. Driven by its mission to be the most reliable content provider of critical information regarding real estate from A to Z, hepsiemlak takes concrete steps towards becoming the most reliable platform that is preferred by real estate experts.

25 million

monthly traffic

10 million

monthly users

18 million

Netd Music subscribers

16.6 billion view

Netd Music

150 million

monthly average view
Netd Influencer




Turkey’s #1 music channel on YouTube, with 18 million subscribers

Founded with the aim of becoming a leader in the digital arena, Netd now reaches over 60 million unique visitors monthly with Netd Music, Netd Influencer and, channels most popular among young audiences.

Active in the music, content, social media and influencer businesses, Netd sees its competitors as part of the game. This inclusivity has led to a prominent platform and well-deserved reputation in the sector.

Netd Music is the official platform for Turkish music videos, and it spans a variety of genres, from pop to alternative, and is the ninth most-watched YouTube channel internationally. It also has the second most popular global music channel, with 18 million subscribers. In Turkey, Netd Music remains the single top ranking YouTube channel with the greatest number of views.

In 2014, Netd Music surpassed 37,5 billion views of official videos, making it the second fastest growing channel in the globe. In 2018, Netd Music received YouTube’s Diamond Play Award, given to channels with over 10 million subscribers. The channel continues to expand its audience, reaching 45 million unique users every month, 25 percent of whom are from outside Turkey.

Netd Music shares Turkish music with the rest of the world, conveniently and free of charge. It broadcasts its content on İzlesene and, as well as Youtube, and recently partnered with Warner Music, the world’s top ranked music provider, further expanding its global presence. Netd Music believes in the universal quality of music and supports young and emerging artists while partnering with well-established artists and producers.

Adopting the fitting slogan “Turkey’s Best Here!”, Netd Influencer Marketing works with approximately 70 YouTube channels and offers digital marketing, digital projects, video content creation, entertainment and music culture services. As a Multi-Channel Network, it also works in production, channel management, revenue optimization and branded projects.


Slow Türk

Rapsodi Radyo ve Televizyon Yayıncılık A.Ş.

Turkey’s first national radio station dedicated to Turkish slow music, Slow Türk airs love songs throughout the day, earning it the nickname “Love Frequency” and making it one of the most popular radio stations in the country. Slow Türk reaches its audience via digital platforms, Türksat satellite broadcast, terrestrial networks, the internet and tablet and mobile apps.