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Doğan Holding’s internet and entertainment investments include a company at the beating heart of the real estate sector,, as well as Kanal D Romania with its original content, Turkey’s first slow music radio station Slow Türk, one of the music sector leaders DMC, premium video content platform Netd. It also invests in strong literary brands, including Doğan Yayınları and Doğan Burda, a leading player in publishing with a portfolio of 56 periodicals.


Kanal D Romania

Dogan Media International S.A.

Since its launch in 2007, Kanal D Romania has continuously strengthened its market position with an innovative approach and unique content by continuously investing in programs. Currently boasting the second highest national prime time ratings, Kanal D has become one of Romania’s key broadcasting networks.

The channel offers viewers a 360-degree entertainment experience through expansive media packages.

Kanal D Romania is one of the three broadcasting networks with top ranked media packages. Kanal D Romania’s portfolio includes Radio Impuls, a popular music station that reaches the country’s major cities, a strong digital division that sustains a vigorous online presence and social media platforms (,,,,, as well as stand-alone, exclusive productions on theXclusive YouTube channel.

In a sector characterized by fierce competition, Radio Impuls continues its string of successes nourished by a large audience. By offering a multi-screen experience, Kanal D digital content provides unmissable experiences to online communities . Exclusive productions on theXclusive YouTube channel feature music, life stories, celebrity interviews and lifestyle programs. Kanal D online portfolio is an information outlet covering exclusive news, happenings and direct interaction with fan communities

The many awards received from various organizations and business publications testify to Kanal D Romania’s quality and popularity. Recent awards include the 2021 Excellence Award in Television Management from the prestigious Business Arena magazine, and the CEO of the Year award in 2019.

12 million

printed access per year

over 15 million

digital access per month

over 100

events per year


Doğan Burda

Doğan Burda continues its creative, innovative contributions to the publishing sector with a total of 56 magazines. Fourteen Doğan Burda magazines are published under license agreements with international publishing brands, each of which represents part of a global treasure trove of knowledge and information.

Doğan Burda Magazine hosts readers and advertisers at close to 100 events every year. These events bring recognition to the brands and exhibit the full gamut of social responsibility endeavors, festivals, awards ceremonies, seminars, press sponsorships and special magazine projects. The Uludağ Economic Summit and Elle Style Awards are at the forefront of events where Doğan Burda Magazine enjoys prominent engagement.

As Turkey’s most prestigious business and economics event, the Uludağ Economic Summit has been organized since 2012 by the publications Capital, Ekonomist and Start Up. In 2021, the Summit’s main theme was “Sustainability and the Future.” Now in its 10th year, this important encounter sounds out the leanings of many sectors– from industry to trade, production to retailing, finance to technology, and from digital transformation to sustainability. Similarly, the Elle Style Awards have dazzled across the media spectrum since 2012 This platform presents the most glamorous, chic figures in fashion, business, and entertainment as they receive their awards in an impressive, enchanting atmosphere celebrated on television, radio, Internet and print media.


Doğan Yayınları

Doğan Holding established Doğan Egmont in 1996 in partnership with the Scandinavian publishing giant Egmont International with the goal of introducing international standards to Turkey’s publishing world. Led by the credo “Reading is the Future,” Doğan Egmont became the Doğan Group’s first company with a foreign partner. After deciding to maintain its growth in publishing on its own, Doğan Holding acquired Egmont’s 50-percent stake in Doğan Egmont in 2021 and merged all of its brands under the roof of Doğan Yayınları [Doğan Publications].

From the time of its founding, Doğan Yayınları has grown and developed steadily and appealed to readers of all ages and all interests. As Turkey’s leading book and magazine publisher, it is strongly committed to offering readers the opportunity to access a wide range of publications.

A durable and dependable fixture of the Turkish literary world with an uncompromising commitment to principled publishing since 1999, Doğan Kitap (Doğan Books) joined the Doğan Yayınları family in December 2007 With a dynamic concept of publishing that provides readers access to notable authors from contemporary and classic literature in Turkey and across the world, today the brand maintains its appeal to many different reader groups as it has since its founding.

After partnering with Egmont, one of the world’s most prominent publishers of children’s books, in 1996, Doğan Egmont has firmly remained on the same trajectory since 2021 with its new brand, Doğan Çocuk (Doğan Children). With more than 1,000 books and 23 periodicals in its portfolio, Doğan Çocuk (Doğan Children) continues to make a difference in children’s publications without compromising its principles on entertainment, education, values, and social responsibilities.

Doğan Yayınları introduced the brand DEX in 2011, DEX Plus in 2013, CEO Plus and Doğan Novus in 2014, and Doğan Solibri in 2020, and continues to expand its family of brands.


8000 books

more than

2000 writers

1500 hours

of audio book

100 million


more than

100 artists

distribution services for more than

300 record labels


Doğan Music Company


Founded in 2000, DMC, one of the leading music companies in Turkey, provides distribution services to more than 300 record labels, while also partnering more than 100 artists under its own label.

In 2016, DMC partnered with the Glamorous Celebrity Management Agency (GCMA) to offer talent management and agency services. Pulling from its expansive pool of talented actors and actresses, it now provides talent for television, film and advertising projects.


Glokal Dijital Hizmetler Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Hepsiemlak, established in 2006 within Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş., continued to grow stronger as the world's leading investment bank, Goldman Sachs, partnered with the platform in 2018. Following one of the biggest steps on its digital transformation journey, the platform, which was originally named Hürriyet Emlak, has been rebranded as hepsiemlak in 2021.

The brand has adopted the principle of providing technology solutions that make life easier for those looking to buy real estate as well as professional and individual advertisers. Employing a field team all across Turkey and a staff of 200 people, the brand offers services through its website and mobile application.

Having succeeded in reducing the ad entry time to less than two minutes and increasing customer-to-seller reach rate by 30 percent, hepsiemlak is the leader in digitizing the real estate industry in Turkey and operates with the vision of being the most reliable platform for anyone who wants to either buy, sell or rent real estate with superior user experience, expertise real estate, a particular focus on high quality and value. Driven by its mission to be the most reliable content provider of critical information regarding real estate from A to Z, hepsiemlak takes concrete steps towards becoming the most reliable platform that is preferred by real estate experts.

25 million

monthly traffic

10 million

monthly users

23 million

Netd Music subscribers

16.6 billion view

Netd Music

360 million

monthly average view
Netd Influencer




Turkey’s #1 music channel on YouTube, with 23 million subscribers

Founded with the goal of becoming a leader in the digital arena, Netd now reaches over 120 million unique visitors monthly and especially appeals to young audiences tuned into channels Netd Music, Netd Influencer and

Netd is much more than a music, content, social media and influencer platform. For the past two years, Netd has also been producing TV series and films, building a reputation with productions for the silver screen as well as digital streaming platforms, including Turkey’s #1 children’s film Castle of Stories (2019), its sequel Castle of Stories: Mysterious Guest (2022), the first Turkish rap film Kovala (2021), Dreamcoin (2022), and the BluTV “Castle of Stories” series.

genres, from pop to alternative, and is the ninth most-watched YouTube channel internationally. It also has the second most popular global music channel, with 23 million subscribers. In Turkey, Netd Music remains the single top ranking YouTube channel with the highest number of views.

In 2014, Netd Music surpassed 52 billion views of official videos, making it the second fastest growing channel worldwide. In 2018, Netd Music received YouTube’s Diamond Play Award, given to channels with over 10 million subscribers. The channel continues to expand its audience, reaching 65 million unique users every month, 25 percent of whom are from outside Turkey.

Netd Music shares Turkish music with the rest of the world, conveniently and free of charge on YouTube. It also broadcasts its content on İzlesene and, and recently partnered with Warner Music, the world’s top ranked music provider, further expanding its global presence. Netd Music believes in the universal quality of music and supports young and emerging performers while partnering with well-established acts and producers.

Adopting the fitting slogan “Turkey’s Best Here!”, Netd Influencer Marketing works with approximately 70 YouTube channels and offers digital marketing, digital projects, video content creation, entertainment and music culture services. As a Multi-Channel Network, it also works in production, channel management, revenue optimization and branded projects.

“Turkey’s Best Here!”

Netd Influencer Marketing proclaims this fitting slogan to signal collaboration with approximately 120 YouTube channels for digital marketing, digital projects, video content creation, entertainment and music culture services. As a Multi-Channel Network, it also works in production, channel management, revenue optimization and branded projects.


Slow Türk

Rapsodi Radyo ve Televizyon Yayıncılık A.Ş.

Turkey’s first national radio station dedicated to Turkish slow music, Slow Türk airs love songs throughout the day, earning it the nickname “Love Frequency” and making it one of the most popular radio stations in the country. Slow Türk reaches its audience via digital platforms, Türksat satellite broadcast, terrestrial networks, the internet and tablet and mobile apps.



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