Doğan Group’s Environmental Policy

Doğan Holding prioritizes the protection of the environment to ensure a healthy future for humanity and the earth.

Providing products and services in a wide range of sectors, Doğan Group companies devise policies and strategies to protect and improve the environment, prevent pollution, preserve and foster biodiversity, wildlife, ecology, flora and fauna, waterways and natural resources. Doğan Holding deems the protection of the environment as one of its key responsibilities for the sake of humanity and wildlife. Doğan Holding’s environmental management policy focuses on the following five areas:

  • Energy,
  • Waste Management, Disposal and Recycling,
  • Water Usage,
  • Transport,
  • Air Emissions..

Doğan Group is committed to:

  • Complying with international legal regulations approved by national public agencies, environmental laws, regulations and other obligations,
  • Pursuing international best practices, including those not demanded by public authorities, so as to internalize those that could contribute to our business,
  • Raising the environmental awareness of the citizens of Turkey and the citizens of other countries where our publications and broadcasts are available,
  • Preferring and utilizing eco-friendly technologies,
  • Developing eco-friendly products and services,
  • Reusing raw materials and equipment or increasing the usage of recycled raw materials and equipment in order to save natural resources,
  • Increasing energy efficiency and prioritizing renewable energies in all our operations to ensure responsible energy consumption,
  • Taking action to measure and improve the environmental footprint of our Group activities,
  • Improving the efficiency of the Doğan Environmental Management System on an ongoing basis, and disclosing it to the public,
  • Ensuring that the environmental management systems of Group companies are in line with the accepted standards, certified and periodically audited by authorized firms,
  • Reviewing the environmental policy of the Company regularly and monitoring the compliance of the Holding and Group companies with this policy,
  • Communicating and developing joint projects about the environment with NGOs,
  • Training all employees about the natural environment and encouraging them to participate in ecological activities;
  • Communicating with all stakeholders regarding protection of the natural environment, administering training seminars, and expending efforts to diminish our environmental footprint and to protect biodiversity in all our areas of operation.

Doğan Group’s Environmental Policy is followed by the Holding and all Group companies. Group companies participate in the determination of environmental objectives. The Early Risk Detection Committee is charged with implementing the Environmental Policy. The Early Risk Detection Committee is responsible for setting environmental objectives, establishing the environmental management system, determining performance criteria, and creating action plans. The efficiency of the environmental management system is audited by the audit departments of the Holding and Group companies, and the results are submitted for the assessment of the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.


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