Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Dear colleagues and stakeholders,

Statements or speeches – like this introduction – often open with a familiar address: “Dear colleagues, dear stakeholders, dear guests…” because no matter who we are, we want to know, hear, remember and be reminded that we are “dear” to someone. We want to be surrounded by people who are “dear” to us. Just as we endeavor to be part of an organization that upholds its core values “dear” to its heart...

The true power that engenders financial value for an organization comes from the ethical values and principles it is founded upon. Achievements that are not underpinned by these values are transient, lacking the enduring impact we seek. At Doğan Group, our strongest foundation for more than 60 years has always been our ethical values, deriving strength from these principles. Our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct stands as a testament to the existential importance we attribute to these guiding principles.

“Appreciation, acting responsibly and transparently, innovation, embracing with passion and succeeding together” are our core values, ingrained in our organizational DNA, serving as guiding principles in our daily operations, decision-making processes and strategic investments. Upholding the ethos of “Knows Value, Adds Value,” we persistently strive for excellence to continually evolve our values and principles in our journey to success.

As we usher in the second century of our Republic, I have utmost confidence that our commitment to these principles will propel us to continue adding value to our shareholders, employees, stakeholders, society, country, and the global community. I wholeheartedly thank you all for your unwavering dedication to and support for the implementation of the Doğan Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Begüm Doğan Faralyalı

Begüm Doğan Faralyalı

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