Occupational Health and Safety

At Doğan Group, we aim for Zero Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases as part of our commitment to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Doğan Group's prioritizes providing a business environment in which our employees, subcontractors and stakeholders can carry out their activities in a healthy and safe manner while working to build a sustainable future for all of us.

Accordingly, we employ a proactive and systematic approach to actively eliminating any hazards or risks that could hinder health or safety. At our group companies, occupational health and safety teams consisting of occupational safety experts, occupational physicians and other health personnel closely follow national legislation and standards as well internationally accepted practices in order to make all necessary improvements.

Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. Occupational Health and Safety Function plays a pivotal role in ensuring our promised occupational health and safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Function regularly reviews the practices across our Group and manages the compliance processes while guaranteeing that our companies adopt good practices.

In addition to regularly briefing employees, Doğan Group provides its staff with all the necessary training (addressing emergencies, safe use of equipment, occupational hazards, first aid, hygiene care, etc.), including basic occupational health and safety training to raise awareness of potential issues. Our group companies regularly update their emergency action plans to prepare for possible emergencies that may arise and to comply with legal guidelines and new legislation. The emergency response teams formed as part of the action plans receive necessary training administered by institutions and personnel deemed appropriate according to relevant legislation, and a drill is held at least once a year.

Our companies prepare risk assessment reports by identifying the relevant hazards and risks and documenting them, as stipulated by legislation. Risk assessment reports are partially or completely revised in compliance with legal guidelines and new legislation. Occupational safety experts and occupational physicians employed by our companies control occupational health and safety processes and internal practices. If necessary, they also regularly inspect the work environment to determine whether corrective/preventive activities are needed and perform routine health checks. Occupational physicians keep records of work accidents and near-miss events, as well as conduct, review and report initial health screenings and regular health checks of employees. Authorized institutions and qualified personnel carry out regular inspections of work equipment, and occupational hygiene assessments are conducted in accordance with the inspections by and recommendations of occupational safety experts and occupational physicians.

The Early Detection of Risk Committees of Doğan Group discusses the OHS risks at group companies and undertakes relevant action and follow-up processes. These activities are also audited to ensure compliance with internal control requirements within the framework of annual audit business plans. The Holding's management teams are regularly briefed about our companies’ OHS activities.


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