Doğan Group Celebrated Its 60. Anniversary on 14.12.2019, Saturday, Together With Its Employees


Opened up with the screening of Aydın DOĞAN Documentary, the program continued with the speeches delivered by the Board Chairwoman, Begüm DOĞAN FARALYALI, and by the Executive Board Chairman, Çağlar GÖĞÜŞ.

Begüm DOĞAN FARALYALI stated the followings in her speech: "How happy we are that, as Doğan Group, we have passed 60 years full of achievements, while looking towards the future with higher expectations. As Doğan Group, we shall grow with firm steps, and we shall altogether care for the value of every new day, and add value thereto. It is our primary task to convey Doğan Group we have been confided to the future generations as a humanitarian group, which invests more, and leaves delightful traces all around Turkey, just as you dream of."

In his speech, Çağlar GÖĞÜŞ stated the followings: "How happy I am that, we have a Turkey-enthusiast founder, and distinguished shareholders, who wish to make more investments, create more employment, and to add everlasting value in our country. How happy I am that, we have senior managers and general directors, who possess the thrill, passion, and competence to reach to these ideals. Above all, how happy I am that, we have you, who embrace their jobs wholeheartedly. The Group's success depends on your achievements, just like your success depends on the achievements of our Group. Thus, we have to work together close as flesh and bone, trustfully and purposefully. Pursuing new ventures with such a unique success story in our hands, we have the opportunity even to make history, and we have all our companies, and you, of course, to seize this opportunity."

Under the title of Value Awards, which were given for the first time in 2019, seniority awards under the title of “Value of the Years” were given by Aydın DOĞAN, Sema DOĞAN, Begüm DOĞAN FARALYALI, Vuslat DOĞAN SABANCI, and Arzuhan DOĞAN YALÇINDAĞ to the employees with terms of service for 20 years and above for their commitment, and for the values they have added to the Group. Moreover Value Awards in 7 different categories were given to their winners. Alongside the Value Adding Company of the Year, Value Adding Leader of the Year, Value Adding Product / Service / Application / Project of the Year, Value Adding Social and Environmental Sustainability Project of the Year, Valuable Idea of the Year, and Special Value Awards, seniority awards were also given under the title of Values of the Years.

The awards were distributed as follows:

Value Adding Company of the Year: Galata Wind Enerji A.Ş.
Value Adding Leader of the Year: General Director of Kanal D Romania, Uğur Yeşil...
Value Adding Social and Environmental Sustainability Project of the Year: Liquid Soap Project in the Steel Rope Drawing Project and Aytemiz Motorist-Friendly Station and Motorist-Friendly Traffic Projects
Value Adding Service of the Year: Aytemiz Self-Service
Value Adding Product of the Year: Doğan Egmont's Specially-Cut License Books
Value Adding Application of the Year: “Ditaş Life Button”
Value Adding Project of the Year: Steel Rope Production at Once Project
Valuable Idea of the Year: Doğan Egmont's LOL Surprise Project
Special Value Award: Doğan Novus Editor-in-Chief Handan AKDEMİR, Doğan Foreign Trade Finance Director Merve KAYNAR, Doğan Holding Corporate Communications and Marketing Director Selen ERDURAK, and NetD Production Digital Rights and Business Partnership Manager Yıldız ERTAN, who have created difference and come to the fore in their businesses with Value Leaders and Value Envoys

The program was resumed with Beyazshow. Having been hosted for the first time, Aydın DOĞAN appeared as the guest of Beyazshow, and responded to questions. Having invited the DOĞAN Family to the stage at the end of the show, Beyazıt ÖZTÜRK thereupon sang a song he had prepared as a surprise for Aydın DOĞAN together with artist Şebnem SUNGUR and the students of Aydın DOĞAN Fine Arts High School.

Having enjoyed themselves with DJ FunkyC and Solange, Doğan Group employees ended the night with Cem Yılmaz Show.

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