Doğan Group celebrated its 60 Anniversary: We are here to add value to Turkey!


Doğan Group, having been not only contributing to Turkish economy by means of its investments in various fields, but also adding value to Turkey by means of its numerous projects in the fields of educational, cultural-artistic, and social responsibility, celebrated its 60 Anniversary with a special premiere night, attended by President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN and his wife Mrs. Emine ERDOĞAN as honorary guests. Hosted by the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Doğan Group, Aydın DOĞAN, and his wife Mrs. Sema DOĞAN, special guests from the business, art, media, and society circles assembled on this occasion organized at Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus.

Having been founded by Aydın DOĞAN at a small office in Sirkeci 60 years ago, Doğan Group is now one of the most prestigious business groups, employing more than 10 thousand people, and operating in a wide range of sectors, including energy, fuel-oil retailing, finance, internet-entertainment, industry, automotive, tourism, and real-estate..

The premiere night, in which President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN also delivered a speech, was opened up by the speech delivered by the Board Chairwoman of Doğan Holding, Begüm DOĞAN FARALYALI. After watching a 15-minute episode from Aydın DOĞAN Documentary, produced by Journalist Cüneyt ÖZDEMİR, Aydın DOĞAN delivered a speech.

In his speech delivered at the Anniversary Ceremony, President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN stated as follows:

"Having founded his first company with only 3 people, Mr. DOĞAN is now the spokesperson of a large family of 20 thousand people. Having taken its roots in Anatolia, and then become a reputable brand of Turkey, and furthermore become a brand well-known worldwide over time, is not only an individual success, but also the achievement of Turkey as a whole. With all the prizes he was awarded, the honorary doctorates he was granted, and with all his other international achievements, he has turned all these 60 years to good use. Dear Mr. DOĞAN is not only a successful businessman, but also a fine Kelkit and Gümüşhane enthusiast, and an admirable man of benevolence, culture, and art. He has institutionalized these sides of his by the foundation he founded. I hereby would like to particularly emphasize his principled and resolute stand against July 15th coup attempt. Although Doğan Group has withdrawn from the media sector, I am sure that, he shall go on reinforcing such firm democratic stance with all the endeavors and investments he is to make in the other fields of operation."

'We have built up a history full of achievements'

In the speech he delivered at the premiere night, the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Doğan Group, Aydın DOĞAN indicated that, he had big dreams of his business career on the road from Kelkit to İstanbul 60 years ago. "I would like to be a person, who had investments, created employment first of all in my homeland Kelkit and Gümüşhane, and later all around Turkey, paid his taxes to the last penny payable, shortly to be a man who had a share in the development of Turkey. I could not have made all my dreams come true. I wish I could have made much more investments. I wish I could have created much more employment. I wish I could have left greater footprints on the soils of my beautiful country."

Having declared that, they have done business in a wide range of sectors, Mr. DOĞAN further stated that, "As a Group, we have flawlessly built up a history full of achievements. We have never disregarded our Anatolian identity. We have touched to the lives of ten thousands of families. There are two things I take pride in the most. First of all, to be ranked among the top level taxpayers of this country for many years. In my point of view, the one who does not pay his/her tax is doomed to fail in the test of patriotism. Paying one's taxes is the most noteworthy deed that a businessperson can do for the good of his/her country. The second thing I take pride the most is, as a Foundation, our contribution to education, art, and culture.

Having mentioned of the certain rules he set for himself while embarking upon his career, Mr. DOĞAN resumed his speech by saying that, "These have become the Constitution of our Companies in the later years. The most critical Article of this Constitution is to return what we have gained from this country back to it in the form of investments. Another important article thereof is to create employment for our people, especially for the youth".

We are here to add value to Turkey!

In the speech she delivered at the premiere night, the Board Chairwoman of Doğan Group, Begüm DOĞAN FARALYALI stated that, "This venture, having been embarked upon a small office in Sirkeci, has expanded to a great group that offers job and income opportunities to ten thousands of people, and produces sources to the economy. As Doğan Group, we have engaged, invested, and created reliable employment and income for thousands of families in various sectors since the date of our foundation. The brands we created have been appreciated Turkey-wide, thanks to their achievements. We have added value to the numerous companies we acquired, and thereby made them reach better positions."

Having mentioned of the awe they shared of planning many 60 Anniversaries to come in the future, Ms. FARALYALI resumed her speech by saying that, "We believe in the future of our country. We believe in Turkish economy, that it possesses the power and dynamism to overcome all the obstacles it may encounter. As a family we are determined in this issue, that we are here to turn what we gain from our country into investment again in our country, we are here to add value to Turkey!"

Mr. DOĞAN's 60 Year Premiere Night was presented by Jülide ATEŞ. Following the speeches, Şevval SAM's repertoire prepared specially for this occasion was appreciated very much by the listeners, while taking them to a 60 years long journey.

A46 Company organized this event held at Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus.

Alongside Begüm DOĞAN FARALYALI, Ahmet FARALYALI, Vuslat DOĞAN SABANCI, Ali SABANCI, Hanzade DOĞAN BOYNER, Arzuhan DOĞAN YALÇINDAĞ, Mehmet Ali YALÇINDAĞ, Doğan YALÇINDAĞ, Alihan YALÇINDAĞ, Emrecan SABANCI, Kaan SABANCI, the premiere night was honored by figures from the business and society circles, including AK Party İzmir MP Binali YILDIRIM, MHP İstanbul MP Celal ADAN, İstanbul Governor Ali YERLİKAYA, İstanbul Provincial Police Chief Mustafa ÇALIŞKAN, Hüsamettin ÖZKAN, Cavit ÇAĞLAR, Mehmet AĞAR, İlhan KESİCİ, İlker BAŞBUĞ, Ekmelettin İHSANOĞLU, Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN, Melih GÖKÇEK, Koç Holding Board Member Semahat ARSEL, Kıraça Holding Chairman İnan KIRAÇ, Fiba Holding Board Chairman Hüsnü ÖZYEĞİN and his wife, Anadolu Holding Board Chairman Tuncay ÖZİLHAN and his wife, Akfen Holding Board Chairman Hamdi AKIN, Vakıfbank Board Chairman Abdülkadir AKSU, Limak Holding Board Chairman Nihat ÖZDEMİR and Ebru ÖZDEMİR, Çalık Holding Board Chairman Ahmet ÇALIK, Kalyon Grup Board Chairman Cemal KALYONCU, Palmali Group Board Chairman Mübariz MANSIMOV, Torunlar Board Chairman Aziz TORUN, Demsa Group Deputy Board Chairman Demet SABANCI ÇETİNDOĞAN, Esas Holding Board Member Erhan KAMIŞLI, Alinaz CEO Cansen BAŞARAN SYMS, Vakko Group Board Chairman Cem HAKKO, Gürmen Group Board Chairman Remzi GÜR and his wife, Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions Board Chairman Enver YÜCEL, Beşiktaş Club Chairman Ahmet Nur ÇEBİ, Berna YILMAZ, Berna TOKAR, Anne-Cem KOZLU, Güliztan- Mehmet NANE, Aylin-Özcan TAHİNCİOĞLU, Murat ÖZYEĞİN-Yasemin GÜÇKAN, Şirin- Neşet YALÇIN, Elif DÜRÜST, Roksi-İzzet GARİH, Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ, Tüten-Agah UĞUR, Suzan-Tayfun BAYAZIT, Halit CINGILLIOĞLU, Fettah TAMİNCE, Emra-İbrahim ÇARMIKLI, Merva-Cem BİLGİNER, Alican ULUSOY, Tülay ULUSOY, Banu VARGI, Banu- Aykut TARAKÇIOĞLU, Ceyda-Mustafa KILIÇASLAN, Ayşecan-Görkem OKTAY, İpek-Onur ÖZKAN, and by figures from business, culture-art, and media circles, including Ertuğrul ÖZKÖK, Sedat ERGİN, Fikret BİLA, Metin YILMAZ, Doğan ŞENTÜRK, Yazgülü ALDOĞAN, Vahap MUNYAR, Mehmet YILMAZ, Şirin PAYZIN, Murat YETKİN, Doğan HIZLAN, Mete BELOVACIKLI, Fatih ÇEKİRGE, Derya SAZAK, Abbas GÜÇLÜ, Emre ORAL, Sefer LEVENT, Hakan GÜLDAĞ, Altan ÖYMEN, Özgür BOLAT, Gülseren BUDAYCIOĞLU, Ahmet GÜNEŞTEKİN, Mustafa OĞUZ, Gülben ERGEN.

60 Anniversary Documentary

Having been produced by the experienced journalist, Cüneyt ÖZDEMİR, the Aydın DOĞAN Documentary covers the journey of Doğan Group from the date of its foundation up to now, enriched with episodes from the life of the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Doğan Group, Aydın DOĞAN.

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