The Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation organizes the third Anatolia Awards


The Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation organized the third edition of the Anatolia Awards Ceremony. The winners received their awards as part of the program titled “Suggestions for the Future”. The main award categories were Visual Arts, Literature, Music and Motion Picture. The program also granted a “Contribution Award” in the categories of Literature, Music, Motion Picture and Gastronomy. This year's ceremony included the Foundation’s “Honorary Award” for the first time and the “Doğan Value Award”. The Anatolia Awards 2022 was organized under the main sponsorship of Doğan Holding and was co-sponsored by Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. The award statuette was designed by Osman Dinç.

The Anatolia Awards, which was created in 2020 with a view to putting the spotlight on works that contributed to the shared identity of Anatolia, continued to expand its scope by including not only institutions but also individuals from 2021 onwards. The Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation Awards are given to institutions in even years and to individuals in odd years.

In this framework, the Anatolia Awards 2022 focused on institutions as part of its program titled “Suggestions for the Future”. The Anatolia Awards 2022 recognized institutions and projects that embraced, drew inspiration from, renewed and transformed the cultural richness of Anatolia during their production process.

A Jury of seven, consisting of leading individuals in their respective fields, selected the institutions and projects to receive the Anatolia Awards in 2022. The jury members included Cihat Aşkın, Derviş Zaim, Emre Arolat, Görgün Taner, Hülya Ekşigil, Levent Çalıkoğlu and Nusret Polat.

An effort to understand people, civilizations, the past and the future

The founder of the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation and Baksı Museum Prof. Husamettin Koçan said, “The Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation offers visibility to the pioneering people and institutions that contribute to the development of Türkiye with the Anatolia Awards, which it has organized since 2020 with the goal of preserving the rich heritage of our homeland. The Anatolia Awards, the program of which was titled 'Raising Our Hats to the Past' last year, is now facing the future with its program titled 'Suggestions for the Future'. As the Anatolia Awards goes beyond the constraints of a single period, a single culture and geographical borders, it is significantly difficult to list all the contributions submitted to us. All our activities have been centered around the shared idea that supporting pluralism means supporting people. Now, we see that this shared idea remains just as relevant as it has always been with a legacy of pluralism. Koçan also added: “Land is innocent, deep, fertile, protective and gives people a chance to live and produce. It could be muddy or dry at times, but it is always there and constantly changing. Land is an important witness to be taken seriously. If you ask me, I have an unwavering prejudice that land is the ‘wisest of all’. The reasoning behind my judgment is that the values created by human beings with different beliefs in various periods, and in different cultural environments, co-exist in the heart of the land. The Anatolia Awards is an effort to understand people, civilizations, the past and the future from a geographical slice. As a matter of fact, we have always considered ourselves to be responsible for this task. And the driving force behind our efforts was this understanding.”

Stating that Doğan Holding was proud to be the main sponsor of the Anatolia Awards 2022, Doğan Holding Chair Begüm Doğan Faralyalı said: “As Prof. Hüsamettin said, the Anatolia Awards is an effort to understand people, civilization, the past and the future. I am very happy and honored to support this beautiful award created by the Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation. I know that everyone living in this land has shared values. I believe that these values are rooted in Anatolia. It is pivotal for our future to take care of this fertile land, its deep-rooted culture and our shared values. The million-dollar question is this: ‘Will these fertile lands stand the test of time and still offer the same richness in the future?' Because, the Anatolian lands are no different than the rest of the planet in the danger they face that is the climate crisis. For this reason, we granted the Doğan Value Award, which we presented as part of the Anatolia Awards, to a meaningful project focusing on ensuring the sustainability of Anatolian lands this year. It should be our duty to celebrate and champion beacons of hope in these dark times. We need hope and light more than ever. Let's not forget that there is always hope and light in Anatolia, 'the place where the sun rises'. All we need to do is to let that beacon shine.”

The first Doğan Value Award and Honorary Award

The starting point of the project is described as follows in the specifications of Anatolia Awards 2022: “We consider Anatolia as the main source of diversity and richness that make up the shared identity we see today. We believe that the responsibility of combining the Anatolian legacy with the current dynamics belongs primarily to the people living in this land, and that cultural efforts geared towards bolstering, renewing, enriching and preserving this identity should be championed.”

This year's winners of the Anatolia Awards 2022 are as follows: Yapı Kredi Publications won in the Literature category, Arkas Art Center in the Visual Arts category, Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium in the Music category, the İzmir Cinema Culture and Education Association in the Motion Picture category. Varlık Publications won the Literary Contribution Award, the Afyonkarahisar Classical Music and Jazz Association the Musical Contribution Award, the Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival the Motion Picture Contribution Award, and the Clean Harvest Consumption Cooperative the Gastronomy Contribution Award. The 'Soil-to-Soil Biodegradable Waste Management Project’ was granted the Doğan Value Award and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts was recognized with the Honorary Award.

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