2022 Doğan Value Awards Presented to Winners


The fourth iteration of the exciting event series celebrating Doğan Holding’s values, the 2022 Doğan Value Awards Ceremony took place on December 20 as an online event. The hard work and dedication of Doğan Group colleagues were recognized with Value Awards, while employees who have made a mark with their loyalty, efforts, and contributions were presented with “Years of Value” seniority awards.

The opening speech of the award ceremony, which was moderated by Şule Zeybek, was delivered by Begüm Doğan Faralyalı, Chairwoman of Doğan Holding, and Çağlar Göğüş, Doğan Holding CEO.

“2022: a year of growth for Doğan”

In her speech, Begüm Doğan Faralyalı, Chairwoman of Doğan Holding said: “2022 was a year of growth for us, a time during which we continued our sustainable investments with the trust we have in our nation, despite the economic challenges prevailing across Türkiye and the world at large. We made Doğan Group’s portfolio balanced and robust, and we will keep it so. We are sparing no effort as we look to drive organic and inorganic growth in our existing companies while taking advantage of investment opportunities in accordance with macroeconomic trends. As I have always said, our colleagues represent the most important capital of the Doğan Group. Your efforts, dedication, and will to succeed are our greatest strengths. I thank each and every one of you for your hard work, your determination, and for embracing and upholding our values. I would also like offer my heartfelt congratulations to our colleagues who have been recognized as winners of this year’s Doğan Value Awards.”

“You help us keep our hopes high”

Çağlar Göğüş, CEO of Doğan Holding, said: “It gives me great pleasure to see that our endeavors to uphold and protect our values, an essential aspect of our corporate culture, resonate so strongly with you. In each of our companies, I see a great sense of belonging, team spirit, and a strong focus on results driven by a sense of responsibility. These efforts have already begun to yield remarkable results in all of our companies. At Doğan Group, we are committed to pioneering the journey to a better future and transform ourselves by making values-driven and responsible investments, and delivering long-term solutions. Our mission is to defend our companies from risks, transform them into long-lasting institutions, and ultimately, create more value for both you and our country. And you help us keep our hopes high. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I thank all of you for the efforts you make and the value you create, and I offer my sincere congratulations to the winners of the Value Awards.”

Years of Value

In this year’s ceremony, Doğan Holding Executive Committee members Bora Yalınay, Eren Sarıçoğlu, and Vedat Mungan granted the “Years of Value” seniority awards to Doğan Group employees who have completed their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, and 40th years of tenure, recognizing the mark they made with their loyalty and efforts, and the value they added. Faruk Yalçın from Ortadoğu Otomotiv, who completed his 40th year at the group, received his award from Çağlar Göğüş, while Fikret Aydın from Doğan Holding was presented with an award by Begüm Doğan Faralyalı celebrating his 45th year in service.

A night of many awards

With so many award-worthy nominees competing for recognition this year, the award jurors had their work cut out for them. After intense deliberations, the winners were announced as follows:

Value Award – Project of the Year Doğan Trend Otomotiv / SUV Market
Value Award – Product of the Year Sesa Ambalaj / Recyclable High Barrier Flat Bottom Bag
Value Award – Service of the Year Hepsiemlak / Benim İçin Bul
Value Award – Implementation of the Year Hepiyi Sigorta / Quick Agency Opening Application Biometric Signature
Value Award – Idea of the Year Ditaş / Development of Sensor and IoT-driven Electronic (Smart) Ball Joint for Automotive Steering and Suspension Systems
Value Award – Social and Environmental Sustainability Project Galata Wind / Positive Energy Ambassadors Volunteer Platform

Winning teams joined the live broadcast to deliver their award speeches.

This year's Special Value Award had two winners:

Special Value Award of the Year Doğan Burda / 2022 Uludağ Economy Summit
Special Value Award of the Year Doğan Yayınları / Nutuk Comic

Doğan Burda team received their award from Begüm Doğan Faralyalı, while Vedat Mungan presented the award to the Doğan Yayınları team.

Neslihan Sadıkoğlu, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Sustainability at Doğan Holding was recognized with the Value Award – Leader of the Year for her efforts towards spreading awareness on environmental, social, and governance-related issues within the framework of the Doğan Impact Plan, her contributions to the implementation of decisions made, and her inspiring leadership in the course of structuring and effectively communicating Doğan Group’s sustainability approach to internal and external stakeholders.

Burak Kuyan, Galata Wind CEO received the Sustainable Value Creating Company of The Year award from Çağlar Göğüş. This award is granted to the group company with the highest actualization rate for total turnover, net profit, and revenues from main activities as projected in the budget, based on the average of the last three years’ results.

Begüm Doğan Faralyalı presented the Value Award - Company of the Year to Kağan Dağtekin, CEO of Doğan Trend Automotive, which has made significant contributions to the field of sustainable mobility in recent years.

Entertaining Moments with İlker Ayrık

Joining the award ceremony, actor and presenter İlker Ayrık hosted entertaining interactive events as part of the ceremony for Doğan Group employees, who competed for a chance to win valuable prizes from Doğan Group brands.

For more information about the awards, visit dogandegerodulleri.com

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