Doğan Holding's Earthquake Relief Efforts


At Doğan Group, we feel in our hearts the grief of our fellow citizens impacted by the earthquake in the disaster area. Doğan Holding Companies, Doğan Family Organizations and the Aydın Doğan Foundation remain committed to delivering the support needed. With solidarity, we will stand strong and overcome this tragedy. Together, we will heal and rebuild.

Doğan Holding is providing shelter support, including 145 container homes, 200 tents, and portable toilets in the provinces of Hatay, Adıyaman, and Kahramanmaraş, in addition to the disaster relief trucks we have dispatched to the region. In collaboration with our business partner, Sodexo, we are distributing hot meals to 1,000 individuals daily in Hatay. Partnering with Galata Wind, a company generating 100% renewable energy, we promptly delivered 63 generators, nearly 300 projectors, and 160 heaters to the disaster area.

The experienced team of 50 people at Gümüştaş Maden participated in search and rescue efforts, helping to rescue citizens from under the rubble.

Aytemiz and all of its dealers worked together to identify the urgent needs of disaster victims in the earthquake zone and took prompt action to send 22 tanker trucks of fuel, 30 trucks and 2 ships of food, and over 20 heavy equipment to the region

Karel deployed a team of 740 people, including 480 on site, as well as 200 vehicles and 1,500 generators to repair GSM base stations and establish mobile base stations in the earthquake zone. Field work is still ongoing. 

With the "House of Friendship" project, hepsiemlak matched more than 500 people, 167 of whom were children, affected by the earthquake with philanthropists who opened their homes. The project received over 7,500 applications from disaster survivors, and more than 2,500 philanthropists shared their homes with those affected by the earthquake.

In its Niğde factory bakery, Ditaş produced 2,000 loaves of bread per day for disaster victims in the earthquake zone. Additionally, the maintenance team at our Ditaş factory is providing workforce support to Mipsan, which produces heaters, to increase their production of heaters for the region.

The Netd team swiftly arranged and delivered tent support for the disaster victims in the region Netd and BluTV's YouTube channels hosted live broadcasts with special guests and donors to collect donations surpassing TRY 5 million to be sent to AFAD, the Turkish Red Crescent, and Ahbap to support the affected communities.

Hepsiburada, one of the Doğan Family organizations, has delivered TRY 115 million in aid to the earthquake-stricken area. The total value of the support extended by Hepsiburada and its employees to the region has exceeded TRY 5 million.

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