Doğan Holding to become a partner in Türkiye’s leading recycling company GAMA


Operating as a responsible investment holding committed to creating sustainable value, Doğan Holding, through its subsidiary Öncü Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş., has reached an agreement to acquire 70 percent stake in GAMA Recycle Sürdürülebilir Teknolojiler A.Ş., the leading recycling company of Türkiye. Official procedures have been initialized, and the transfer of shares will be finalized when the procedures are completed.

GAMA, Türkiye’s leading producer of regenerated fiber and yarn from used clothing and textile production waste, as well as polyester fiber from PET bottles and packaging waste, boasts the largest installed capacity among recycling companies in the sector. GAMA serves as a key business partner for various sectors, including textiles, one of Türkiye’s leading industries, thanks to its innovation-driven efforts in recycling and circular economy.

While continuing to invest in value-added areas and future businesses, Doğan Holding is also transforming its portfolio with a responsible investment approach.

Çağlar Göğüş, CEO of Doğan Holding: “Guided by the perspective of a responsible investment holding, we value investing in sustainable business models for a better world.”

Çağlar Göğüş, commented on their partnership with GAMA, Türkiye’s leading recycling company: “As part of the transformation and growth strategy we have been implementing since 2018, we are persistently investing in areas aligned with macro trends, compatible with our country’s developmental focus, and that enable us to leverage our competitive edge. Guided by the perspective of a responsible investment holding, we value investing in sustainable business models for a better world. We recognize that our investment decisions have a broader impact beyond the sector. As such, we are very excited about this partnership with GAMA, one of the leading recycling companies of Türkiye, which is a testament to our belief in the company and the future of the industry. We will continue to invest in GAMA to strengthen its innovation-focused initiatives and its relationships with local and global brands. We are confident that GAMA will continue to contribute even more strongly to our country and industry by growing globally.”




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