Doğan Group Provides Significant Support to the Civilizations Choir of Antakya


Establishing a lasting partnership, Doğan Holding and the Aydın Doğan Foundation have joined forces with the Civilizations Choir of Antakya - a choir that fosters connections between civilizations and resonates with our shared values through captivating melodies. In a commitment spanning three years, Doğan Holding will play a pivotal role as the primary sponsor of the choir.  Furthermore, the Aydın Doğan Foundation, having awarded the 27th Aydın Doğan Award to the Civilizations Choir of Antakya this year, will assist in acquiring musical equipment for the choir. This support aims to aid the choir, which suffered substantial losses in the earthquake, and ensure the continuity of its activities.

Upholding the vision of understanding and creating value, Doğan Holding has been actively engaged in various initiatives since 2016, fostering shared values in society through the "Shared Values Movement.” Focused on investments in Türkiye, society, and the future, Doğan Holding is now taking on the role of the primary supporter for the Civilizations Choir of Antakya, which expresses the culture and values of our country through the unifying power of music. Alongside the Aydın Doğan Foundation's support for the choir's artistic endeavors, the collaboration aims to preserve the richness of Anatolia and our shared values through the unifying force of music.

With the backing of Doğan Holding and the Aydın Doğan Foundation, the Civilizations Choir of Antakya will present a requiem program at Antakya Köprübaşı on the evening of February 6, marking the anniversary of the earthquake. Beyond this event, collaborative activities throughout the year will leverage the healing power of music, particularly in earthquake-affected areas.

We will emerge stronger by protecting our values

Sharing insights into the collaboration with the Civilizations Choir of Antakya, Begüm Doğan Faralyalı, Chairperson of Doğan Holding, remarked, "Following the earthquake disaster, which brought profound sorrow to our country and remains a poignant memory despite the passage of a year, the most crucial reminder is our awareness of the values that define us. To heal and emerge stronger, we must preserve our essence and culture. Collaborating with the Civilizations Choir of Antakya, dedicated to unifying society through life-affirming melodies, we aim to protect Anatolia's ancient values and make sure that they continue to live on. While endorsing the Civilizations Choir of Antakya, which mirrors the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia through a tapestry of diverse melodies, Doğan Holding wholeheartedly embraces the values that serve as our guiding compass, driving our mission to shape a brighter future.

Yılmaz Özfırat, the Conductor of the Civilizations Choir of Antakya, shared insights on the collaboration, stating, "Established in 2007, the Civilizations Choir of Antakya is a community dedicated to showcasing the spirit of coexistence in our country to the global stage. Unfortunately, the earthquake on February 6 took seven choir members from us and we faced a profound sense of despair. During this challenging period, Doğan Group extended unwavering support, not only bestowing upon us the 2023 Aydın Doğan Award but also providing material and moral assistance within the framework of our collaboration, instilling hope for the future. We express our profound gratitude to Doğan Holding and the Aydın Doğan Foundation for their meaningful partnership.”

In 2016, Doğan Holding launched the Shared Values Movement, dedicated to uncovering our individual values and fostering unity around commonalities. The movement aims to mitigate tendencies of division and polarization in society through the cohesive power of shared values. This initiative persists in conducting research within its framework and supporting projects oriented towards mutual development and values. In alignment with its collaboration with UNICEF to build a better future, Doğan Holding is actively engaged in efforts to empower children and young people. The focus is on helping them recognize their own values, subsequently embracing shared values and placing them at the core of their lives.






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