Aydın Doğan Recieves Federal Order of Merit from Germany


Doğan Holding Chairman Aydın Doğan has been honored with a Federal Order of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany. Doğan was deemed worthy of a first class Federal Order of Merit; issued by the Federal Republic of Germany to award achievements in political, economic, cultural, and moral fields; for his contributions to the integration of the German citizens of Turkish descent with the German society. The order of merit was presented to Aydın Doğan by the German Ambassador His Excellency Dr. Eckart Cuntz at a reception held at the German Embassy’s Historic Summer Residence in İstanbul’s Tarabya district on Tuesday, 21 July.
His Excellency Dr. Eckart Cuntz said the following in his remarks at the ceremony in which the Federal Order of Merit was presented to Aydın Doğan: “By presenting this Order of Merit today, the President of Germany wishes to thank Aydın Doğan for the extraordinary sense of responsibility exercised by the Doğan Media Group in ensuring people of different origins to live peacefully together in Germany and strengthening the friendship between Germany and Turkey and between Germans and Turks.”
Speaking after His Excellency Dr. Cuntz, Aydın Doğan said, “I appreciate the moves the German government has initiated toward integration. Through our newspapers and television channels in Germany, we at the Doğan Group are trying to impart to the Turks in Germany the importance of living harmoniously with the German society while upholding their particular cultural values.” Highlighting Turkey’s EU membership, Doğan stressed the fact that Turkey had adopted Western values and democracy, that Turkey’s sole destination and direction down the path it’s marching on was full membership in the European Union, that concepts such as privileged partnership were greatly disappointing to the Turkish public opinion, and that the principle of honoring the commitments made should be held as an unshakeable guarantee and a moral imperative. Doğan said the Doğan Group genuinely supported and would continue to support all efforts of the Government of the Republic of Turkey for accession to the EU.
The reception at the Embassy’s Historic Summer Residence was attended by figures from the Turkish and German business worlds and media as well as the Aydın Doğan family and friends.
What is the Federal Order of Merit?
The only order of merit in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Order of Merit is awarded since 1951 for successful endeavors in political, economic, sociological, and moral fields and for contributions to peace in the country. In general, a second class order of merit (ribbon type) is awarded in the first instance and a first class in special cases. Aydın Doğan was honored with a first class order of merit.

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