A Message from Begüm Doğan Faralyalı, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Doğan Holding, on World Values Day


We need a value-focused
business world more than ever!

Today is World Values Day.

In an age marked with an increasing pace of change, the business world needs to quickly embrace a value-focused way of doing business both to adapt to this change and to make a difference. This is essential if we are to secure our planet and our future, as well as to ensure success for companies. Indeed, values are more important than even strategies, building strength in companies in the long run. There is a single way to go if we are seeking lasting solutions to the chronic problems in our world: Sustainability. This is the most important value we all must adopt as members of the business world. We cannot leave the solution of problems to only governments or civil society. We in the business world must also shoulder responsibility and lay the groundwork for a better future together.

In the words of Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum, the business world needs "The Great Reset", a new beginning.

I wholly believe that as the humanity goes through challenging days, the public, business world and civil society can overcome these trying times together and contribute to the building of a sustainable order in solidarity.

We at Doğan Group launched "Common Values Movement" in 2016, striving since then to put values at the core of life, render our common values visible, continuing to carry out projects. We need this more than ever as we go through a pandemic which keeps us apart from each other. When we manage to place our common values at the center of our lives, I believe that we can create a more peaceful, tranquil, productive, developed, sustainable and stronger society.

This year's theme on World Values Day is "Values in Action".

I call upon everyone to pick a value of their own today, take an action for it and make a new beginning.

Happy World Values Day!

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