Purchase of Financial Fixed Asset


As explained in the attached document, the transactions for buying and transferring the “financial fixed asset” share certificates are not included in the scope of “material transactions” within the scope of the Capital Markets Legislation.

To the extent that; pursuant to the provisions of the 2nd paragraph of the Article 6, “The Criteria for Material Transactions” of the Communique II-23.1 on “Common Principles for Material Transactions and Exit Rights”, of the Capital Markets Board (CMB Communique II-23.1), the following calculations have been made:

a- The ratio of the amount of the buying transaction of the “financial fixed asset” (3,466,491.83 Turkish Liras) to the total assets (6,877,335,000 Turkish Liras) is 0.05%, and

b- The ratio of the buying and transferring amount for the “financial fixed assets” share certificates (3,466,491.83 Turkish Liras) as of the date of the Board of Directors resolution (27.03.2015) to the M-Cap of the Company calculated taking as the basis of the arithmetic mean of the daily corrected weighted average prices for six months prior to the date of our Company’s Board of Directors resolution (1,838,087,607 Turkish Liras) is 0.19%,

and as both ratios are below 50%, such buying and transferring transaction for the “financial fixed asset” share certificates is not assessed as a “material transaction” within the scope of the CMB Communique II-23.1.

File: Purchase of Financial Fixed Asset

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