Purchase of Financial Fixed Asset – Doğan Egmont


According to our Company’s Board of Directors Resolution dated 16.02.2021 (today),


It has been resolved to take over  ("transaction") the registered shares, each with a nominal value of 1 TL, representing 8,775,000 shares, held by Egmont at Doğan ve Egmont Yayıncılık ve Yapımcılık Ticaret A.Ş. ("Doğan Egmont"), in the capital of which we participate by 50%, which has a fully paid up capital of 17,550,000 TL, and which we jointly control with Egmont International Holding A/S ("Egmont"), and thus to have Doğan Egmont be controlled by our Company as the main shareholder, and to set the share transfer price for the transaction as 11,000,000 TL following the negotiations made.

Purchase of Financial Fixed Asset 


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