Financial Fixed Asset Sale – Doruk Finansman


Our Board of Directors has resolved on 15.12.2021 to sell all our shares in Doruk Finansman A.Ş., wherein we have a 97% share in the fully paid capital of 30,000,000 Turkish Liras to Hepsi Finansal Danışmanlık A.Ş.

The 29,100 shares with a nominal value of 29,100,000 Turkish Liras, that we hold in the capital of Doruk Finansman A.Ş., all of which are registered shares, each with a nominal value of 1,000 Turkish Liras, will be sold and transferred for a total of 19,400,000 Turkish Liras. Out of the sales price, 4,850,000 Turkish Lira will be collected in cash at the time of closing along with the transfer of the shares, and the remainder will be collected in deferred terms in the period when the loan receivables of Doruk Finansman A.Ş. will be collected by making price adjustments.

Financial Fixed Asset Sale

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