Financial Fixed Asset Sale – DMC Invest BV


As we disclosed our previous disclosure; together with getting of the all required permits from the official regulatory bodies, and the fulfillment of the other routine “Preliminary Closing Conditions” set forth in the contract, the “Closing” transactions has been duly completed and sales and transfer transactions has legally taken place as of July 21, 2020 (today).


As the guaranty for the represent and warrant of the share transfer agreement our direct subsidiary DHI Investment B.V. has given letter of guarantee in the amount of 3,510,000 USD for a period of 18 months on behalf of Believe International.


Above detailed “Financial Fixed Assets” sale and transfer transactions is evaluated to be under the limits of the “Significance Criterion” set on the II-23.1 “Communiqué on Common Principles Regarding Significant Transactions and the Exit Right” Decree by the Capital Markets Board (Capital Markets Board Decree II-23.1).


Financial Fixed Asset Sale

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