Announcement Regarding Share Buy Back


Due to the evaluation that following the recent market developments, our Company's market capitalization and its discount to the net asset value do not reflect our Company's financial and operational performance, it has been resolved that "Share Buyback Program" with a maximum amount of TRY 300,000,000, which was approved by our Company's shareholders at our Ordinary General Assembly on March 30, 2022, shall be used more efficiently. Additionally, it was further resolved that the maximum amount of the "Share Buyback Program" may be increased, if deemed necessary.

Accordingly, 500,000 shares of DOHOL were bought back within the price range of TRY11.85 – 11.94 (Average: TRY11.9090) on 09.01.2024. Following the transaction, number of DOHOL shares owned by our Company has reached 28,997,838 (Share in the paid-in capital: 1.1081 %)

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