About the “persistence” verdict passed by the court for annulling the tender ban


In the law suit we had filed with the request to cancel the Resolution of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources regarding the ban of Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding AŞ which was then a “joint executive” at Petrol Ofisi AŞ (new title: OMV Petrol Ofisi A.Ş.) and the eight companies that Petrol Ofisi AŞ is a partner of, from bidding in public tenders, as published in the Official Gazette of 21.04.2009, following the stay of motion for the relevant procedure with the Verdict of the Ankara 12th Administrative Court dated 11.11.2009, the abovementioned Court has cancelled the procedure with the Verdict of 27.05.2010.

Upon the appeal of the Defendant Administration, the State Council 13th Department has reversed the judgment of the Ankara 12th Administrative Court, with the Verdict of 24.03.2014. Our request to have that Verdict corrected has been rejected with the Verdict of 18.02.2015 of the State Council 13th Department.

Upon this, we had requested the Ankara 12th Administrative Court to persist on the “cancellation Verdict”, and it has been declared to our Company today that the Court has issued a Verdict, in favour of our Company, “to persist” on the Verdict “to cancel the verdict of banning our Company from public tenders”.

Our Company will submit the required applications to have annulled the “public tender ban” Verdict, which has been decided to be cancelled by the Court, persisting on the previous Verdict, prior to it being published in the Official Gazette.

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