This Time Human Rights Train Departs For Children


"Liberty is Our Right/Train is Freedom" Train is launching its journey from Izmir on September 9th.
Liberty is Our Right Train, which got underway for the first time last year, and organized activities on human rights in 43 cities and 2 boroughs in 45 days, will this year start its journey on September 9th from Izmir, and end it in Istanbul on October 29th.
Liberty is Our Right Train that is composed of one locomotive and 14 cars will visit 41 stations including 33 cities and 8 boroughs.
This year, the main themes of the train are child rights and environment…
Formed under the scope of “Human Rights Train Project” with the partnership of Hurriyet Newspaper and Turkish Railways, the train will be on its way between the dates September 9th-October 29th, and visit every town that has railways, including Izmir, Kars, Tatvan, Mus, Diyarbakir, Iskenderun, Adana, Kayseri, Eskisehir, Afyon, Denizli, Manisa, Burdur and so on.
The aim of the Liberty is Our Right Train is to insert the “right” concept into people’s daily lives, inform them on the rights they own based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements Turkey has accepted to be part of and keep the issue in the agenda through various activities.
20th Year in Child Rights
This year, as in last year, there will be many activities at the stations such as music, theater plays, exhibitions, forums, and workshops, with the participation of people, local administrations, NGOs, academics, writers, journalists and artists.
As an addition to the activities of last year, this year the main theme will be the child rights and environmental issues of Turkey in general and of the visited cities. As year 2009 is the 20th anniversary of Turkey signing the UN Declaration of Child Rights, this year various activities will be organized to keep child rights, the theme of this year, in the agendas. For example, Amnesty International, which was one of the participants of the project last year as well, will reach the children by a giant board game that explains their rights and will elaborate the “right” concept with them through an experimental game.
Moreover, the exhibition “Now On, You Behave!” which was prepared with the cooperation of Hurriyet Newspaper and the Platform for Avoiding Child Neglect and Abuse, and the “Working Children- Photo Exhibition” that was prepared by the Fisek Institute will be displayed at the stations. 
Akbank Children Theater, which was a popular activity among the children at the stations last year, will this time entertain the audience with the play “Who is the Most Happy.”
Meanwhile Coca Cola, in the scope of its “Life Plus” Youth Programme, will display an environment exhibition, play nature games with the children, and through their “How Environmental Are You” kiosks they will organize activities to measure the size of the ecological footprint and the environmental levels of the participants.
The photography and documentation team will be formed up of the academic staff and the students of Kultur University.
The long time going on workshops of the “Say No to Domestic Violence!” Campaign, will be kept on operating in the visited cities with the participation of the authorities from governorships, police departments, social services, NGOs and offices of public education.
Why Human Rights Train?
In year 2008, the 60th anniversary of Hurriyet Newspaper coincided with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ 60th anniversary, and hence, with the cooperation of Turkish Railways, an important corporate social responsibility project called “Human Rights Train” was effectuated.
In the scope of this project, “Liberty is Our Right Train” launched its first journey from Kars to Edirne between the dayes June 1st- August 15th.
“Liberty is Our Right- Train is Freedom” Train is on its way to visit all round Turkey for the second time…

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