Printed and Online Directory bravoo! Has Been Introduced to Turkey


The printed and online directory bravoo!, providing service in Turkey’s directory services sector, is being introduced to the Turkish consumer. Formed with the partnership of Italian firm SEAT Pagine Gialle, European leader in the directory services sector, and Doğan Yayın Holding, bravoo! in its first stage will meet with 5 million Istanbul residents and simplify the lives of 20 million people with its online directory. 

Formed with the partnership of Italian firm SEAT Pagine Gialle, European leader in the directory services sector, and Doğan Yayın Holding, online and printed directory bravoo! is being introduced to the Turkish consumers. With its rich content bravoo! aims to help simplify the lives of consumers and give them the opportunity to easily find the services they need. bravoo! will be distributed for free to 1 million 250 thousand houses and businesses in Istanbul. It contains all the contact information for 80,000 companies in over 350 different categories, and aims to become the meeting point for consumers and SMEs. bravoo!’s printed directory will reach 5 million Istanbul residents, and 20 million internet users with bravoo!’s online directory. 

Bringing attention to SEAT Pagine Gialle’s operational knowledge and Doğan Yayın Holding’s local market knowledge and experience, bravoo! CEO Elio Schiavo stated that “We believe that we will be filling a big void in the directory market in Turkey and with bravoo!’s printed and online directory, we aim to help make the lives of Turkish consumers simpler. bravoo! will help you to quickly find what you need from the nearest bank to the real-estate office, from the closest flower shop to the most popular restaurant alternative, from the travel agency, hotels, cinemas, automobile sales centers to repair shops. bravoo! will be with you 365 days of the year and around the clock.”

Capture life with one “click” on 

Consumers can find the information they search for quickly with the easy and practical categorization system. With, which works much like a search engine, by choosing a reference location, consumers can find a wide range of content such as photographs, interactive map, and company videos. With the interactive maps, consumers can find out how to get from where they are to the company they wish to go to and learn more about the companies through their introductory videos. With the map system created by experts, offers targeted, detailed and user-requested information due to its user friendly interface and high-technology infrastructure. 

Users, by providing their name, last name and e-mail address can also register for free on and personalize according to their preferences. Carrying a different importance for SMEs, this new communication tool is not like other search engines because the companies that consumers want to reach do not necessarily have to have a website.
Please, visit  for more information and to learn the advantages of bravoo!. 

About bravoo! 

bravoo!, is a directory created Doğan Yayın Holding and SEAT Pagine Gialle’s joint venture, to provide service to the Turkish consumer. As both a printed and online directory, bravoo! contains contact information in over 350 categories about 80,000 companies. Having entered the Turkish market in November 2008 and with headquarters in Istanbul, bravoo! aims to simplify the lives of consumers and to provide an effective means whereby small and med-sized businesses can attract new clients. Being updated every year and distributed for free in large circulation, bravoo!, in both its printed and online forms, intends to become the meeting point for producers and consumers in order to make everyone’s lives easier. 

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