Petrol Ofisi Propels to a New Level


Petrol Ofisi and OMV partnership started officially with a press conference held on May 16. The agreement between Doğan Holding and OMV signed in March became official with the final clearance given by the relevant authorities.

One of Turkey biggest groups Doğan Holding and the leading oil and gas company in Central Europe, OMV, held a joint press conference to announce that their partnership has officially started. The statements from both parties reflected the vision of higher objectives for Petrol Ofisi and for Turkey.

During yesterday’s press conference, Doğan Holding Chairman Mr. Aydın Doğan, shared his vision on the objectives of this partnership. He stated that these objectives were already decided upon when Petrol Ofisi was acquired from Privatization Administration back in 2000. They included continued presence in gas and oil markets as well as branching into Refinery & Production sectors. Mr. Doğan emphasized that this partnership was not sought out to provide financial outcomes, but to help propel Petrol Ofisi into the international arena where it is expected to become a regional player.

This partnership between Petrol Ofisi and OMV is in parallel with the Petrol Ofisi vision of “Renaming the Energy Game”. The synergy created by the partnership will accelerate the placement of the PO brand, with its tradition of innovation and high technology, as a household name in the international markets.

Mr. Doğan further emphasized the fact that OMV is a Central European giant in oil and gas industries, as well as the largest registered industrial company in Austria. The company is present in oil Refinery & Marketing in 13 countries, oil and gas Research & Productions in 18 countries over 5 continents, and owns and operates a 2.000 km pipeline network. Mr. Doğan added that the main idea behind this partnership is to have access to larger contracts together with a partner with extensive expertise in the oil and gas business.

One of the primary aims of the partnership is to construct refineries in Turkey and neighboring countries in the near future. This is to be followed by oil and gas exploration and production in the Caucasus region and other natural resource-rich neighboring countries. Oil and gas distribution arm of the business will naturally continue.

Vice Chairman of OMV Roiss said that “The reason that OMV is in Turkey is that it has faith in Turkey’s great potential. This partnership will expand the Turkish sphere of influence to include its neighbors. This association shall develop further with time. OMV is happy to have entered the Turkish market with Doğan, with whom we share the same ethics and business practices. Mr. Roiss went on to add that with the Petrol Ofisi partnership they are now nearer to the realization of their 2010 objectives and that with this partnership, OMV will strengthen its presence in the growth belt of the European Union.

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