Petrol Ofisi Becomes a ‘Community Volunteer’ for a Brighter Future


Serving customers through 3,300 top-quality stations located in 81 cities, Petrol Ofisi has entered into a strategic partnership with Community Volunteers Foundation (CVF) to support the youth-led projects that meet the future needs of our country.

Within the framework of a long-term partnership with CVF, Petrol Ofisi will turn its 1,100 employees across Turkey into community volunteers and encourage its distributors and shareholders to become an active ‘Community Volunteer’.

‘‘From now on, in order to support its national and regional projects, we will work closely with CVF. We fully share the vision of CVF that calls for much needed social peace, solidarity and change, under the guidance of younger generation. By taking part in its projects, we expect to satisfy some of the social needs of our people that can be found in every corner of the country.’’ said Petrol Ofisi CEO, Melih Türker.

According to the strategic cooperation, Petrol Ofisi will combine its national power spread throughout country with that of youth and contribute to youth-led ‘Regional Social Responsibility’ projects.

Underscoring the fact that the collaboration between Petrol Ofisi and Community Volunteers Foundation will yield long-lasting social benefits for everyone involved, Mr. Melih Türker continued: ‘‘With the help of 1,100-strong workforce employed in 3,300 stations located throughout Turkey, we are fully committed to the well-being of our country. When we take our services to the remotest corners of this land, we not only regard them as public service but our duty to the society. We’ve also come to realize that if we want to secure the nation’s future, we have to embrace the younger generation living in every corner of this country and help their personal development without further delay. Therefore, we’ve decided to join forces with Community Volunteers Foundation, which believes in the values such as social peace, solidarity and change and has 17,000 young volunteers operating in 56 cities. Through innovative and creative projects, we will help the nation’s long-ignored youth take active part in our social life as responsible citizens.’’

After stressing the importance of synergy created by the joint forces of Petrol Ofisi and community volunteers in the field of social responsibility, Mr, Türker went on to clarify the key aims of the foresaid strategic partnership from Petrol Ofisi’s point of view:

‘‘First of all, we intend to bring the widespread social networks of Community Volunteers Foundation and Petrol Ofisi under one roof. In order to achieve this, we are urging all our distributors, shareholders and 1,100-strong workforce to become a member of the Community Volunteers Foundation. Furthermore, we plan to develop youth-led civil initiatives according to existing need and organize social activities that attract mass participation. Launching joint trainings, ensuring active employee participation in trainings and setting up an efficient ‘‘Petrol Ofisi community team’’ with the participation of Petrol Ofisi employees are also among our short-term goals.’’

Said the President of Community Volunteers Foundation, Mr. İbrahim Betil, “PO – CVF cooperation which aims to expand and maintain in future the works that are enforcing Turkey’s most important energy of youth population is a very significant and exemplary action for all levels of society especially under today’s circumstances. Based on the fact that a more powerful social solidarity is a pre-condition to avoid economic problems turn into social problems, I believe this cooperation is a giant step towards the social peace in future.”

About Community Volunteers Foundation:
Community Volunteers Foundation is a transformation project that aims to turn the untapped energy of our youth into voluntary services for yielding long-lasting social benefits. Established in December, 2002, the Community Volunteers Foundation (CVF) aims at achieving social peace, solidarity and change through youth-led projects. The volunteers -- organized in various university clubs or similar organizations throughout country – implement their sustainable social responsibility projects according to pre-determined needs. Within a span of only 6 years, 17,000 youngsters and 900 adults coming from every corner of the country have carried out more than 300 projects on subjects ranging from environment to education, from entrepreneurship training for youth and women to democracy and human rights training. In their projects, community volunteers also ensure local participation by activating all available local resources.

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