Doğan Investment Bank and DeFacto sign SME partnership deal


Doğan Investment Bank introduces Digital SME Loan Platform KobiKrediD

Launched in 2021 as a ‘next-gen investment banking’ provider, Doğan Investment Bank introduces KobiKrediD Platform, which facilitates SMEs access to financing and offers convenient loan applications anywhere. The new platform, which will operate through a website and a mobile app, will enable Doğan Investment Bank to become the first investment bank offering end-to-end digital solutions aimed exclusively at SMEs, including those that make up the extensive supplier network of DeFacto.

The KobiKrediD platform will offer SMEs, the driving force of the economy, to grow and enhance their competitive strength through faster and easier access to financing to meet their specific needs, via the digital processes of Doğan Investment Bank.


“We are making SMEs access to financing faster and more convenient”

Doğan Investment Bank remains committed to support and strengthen SMEs, whose access to financing is otherwise limited by conventional banking products and their collateral capacity. Guided by its focus on next-gen banking, Doğan Investment Bank announced the launch of KobiKrediD, a new digital platform designed for SMEs in need of financing. Thanks to the new platform, SMEs that require financing are now able to get loans without having to visit a bank branch, as the platform operates on digital channels, saving time. This end-to-end digital solutions platform has enabled Doğan Investment Bank to make a difference in investment banking, as SME customers are now able to apply to and get loans in a shorter amount of time.

The development of the KobiKrediD platform and its automated loan extension infrastructure is funded by the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE DF) as part of an international cooperation agreement signed between Doğan Investment Bank and EFSE DF, which also marks the first funding support extended by EFSE DF to an investment bank. Aiming to stand apart from the competitors with the KobiKrediD Platform, Doğan Investment Bank has become the first investment bank to offer digital loan limit applications with a next-gen banking approach.

Doğan Investment Bank’s new platform KobiKrediD has already entered its first cooperation deal with the famous fashion brand DeFacto. In a joint press meeting with DeFacto, it was announced that KobiKrediD Platform’s solutions will be introduced to the extensive supplier network of DeFacto, enabling SMEs that serve as suppliers of DeFacto to benefit from faster access to financing via digital channels. This, in turn, will enable SMEs to continue their operations without any interruptions in their cash flows.

Speaking at the press meeting, Hulusi Horozoğlu, CEO, Doğan Investment Bank said:


“With the next-gen banking approach, our course is set for digital”

“At Doğan Investment Bank, we are happy to be able to launch such an innovative platform on the first anniversary of our establishment. Our first commitment when we began our operations was that we would usher a new era in investment banking by leveraging our experienced and competent staff, strong international and local relations, our bespoke value-added investment banking, structured finance and capital markets products, as well as our digital solutions. The KobiKrediD platform, which marks the first anniversary of our bank, makes it easier and faster for SMEs to access financing. The system will enable loan limit applications to be submitted online, followed by faster customer acquisitions via the mobile app following the pre-approval process. Our goal is to make a difference in the industry with the speed of the assessment conducted during the loan pre-approval process. We are committed to enable SMEs, which represent a key component of production and employment, to access the financing they need to grow their business in the fastest and most convenient manner. I believe that our partnership with DeFacto will contribute to the business world and our efforts to introduce value-added solutions to the Turkish economy. DeFacto is a leading brand in fashion retail, and I would like to thank the management of DeFacto for this fruitful partnership that will provide better access to financing for the suppliers in their ecosystem.


“DeFacto’s supplier SMEs will manage their cash flows in a sustainable manner thanks to the cooperation”

Önder Şenol, CEO of DeFacto Online, commented:

“Today, DeFacto, with over 500 locations in 93 countries, in an inspiring success story in Turkey and the world, which is due in no small part to our continued cooperation with our suppliers. The pandemic caused even global giants to renege on their purchasing orders using the pandemic as an excuse, which profoundly disrupted the cash flows of suppliers. DeFacto rushed to their aid, offering TRY 900 million in financing to keep them afloat as part of our ‘life blood’ project. We know that banks are much more scrupulous today when it comes to extending lines of credit. As a result, we have signed a very important partnership agreement with Doğan Investment Bank to enable our suppliers to continue producing despite the obstacles to financing that they face. This partnership will allow our SME suppliers to access financing in a quick and convenient manner through the digital channels of Doğan Investment Bank, managing their cash flows in a more sustainable manner without wasting time on formalities or having to visit bank branches.”

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