Doğan Holding to make a giant industrial investment to eliminate foreign dependency


Doğan Holding, which operates in the energy, fuel retail, finance, internet-entertainment, industry, automotive, tourism, trade, and real estate sectors and has made investments amounting to approximately 200 million dollars recently, announced that it plans to embark on a new and massive industrial investment to contribute to Turkey's employment, current account balance, and economy.

Doğan Holding plans to invest in a Folding Box Board (FBB) plant with an integrated wood pulp facility (BCTMP) -and a production capacity of approximately 500 thousand tons per year. An entire 300 thousand tons of FBB consumed annually in Turkey is imported. With the help of Doğan Holding’s new investment, the need for imports will be eliminated, and the country will become an actual exporter in this field.

Doğan Holding invests in value-added areas and continues its high-potential investments that create benefits for both the group and the national economy. Operating in seven sectors with a value-oriented, pioneering, and sustainable investment perspective, Doğan Holding announced that it has started working on an essential industrial investment to contribute to Turkey's employment, current account balance, and economy.

Doğan Dış Ticaret ve Mümessillik A.Ş. (Doğan Dış Ticaret) is a 100% subsidiary of Doğan Holding, and it has engaged in paper and board supply for nearly 30 years. The company is the exclusive agent of many foreign paper and board manufacturers and has significant know-how and experience in this field. Within this framework, Doğan Holding stated that investment opportunities related to paper and board raw materials, which our country mainly sources from foreign suppliers, have been followed for a while, and the company would accelerate efforts in this area.

“A nature-friendly investment contributing to the current account balance”

Doğan Holding CEO, Çağlar Göğüş, stated: “Folding Box Board is used in the production of boxes with high printing quality and strength. Our studies showed that the consumption of FBB in Turkey in 2021 totaled approximately 300 thousand tons, which was entirely imported. Therefore, along with the current market dynamics and product’s potential, an investment including an integrated wood pulp plant (BCTMP) is considered with an annual FBB production capacity of approximately 500 thousand tons. And it is expected to make a positive contribution to the current account balance of our country, both with its import-reducing effect and its export potential. After the final decision, we foresee that the investment period will take approximately three years. Also, due to its nature-friendly and low-carbon emission benefits, we believe that this investment will contribute to our company's sustainability targets and support achieving a sustainable world goal.”

Underlining that Doğan Holding was effectively managing the transformation accelerated by the pandemic in its business fields, Göğüş continued, “We will expand our companies that have a high potential to create value within our current portfolio and invest in the businesses of the future and grow rapidly. Also, we will strengthen our asset structure by investing in new value-added business lines.
As a responsible investment group that adopts a value-oriented investment approach and aims to create a positive global effect, Doğan Holding shapes its future vision and strategies according to global social and technological macro trends and sustainability.”

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