Doğan Holding to generate its own energy with solar panels installed by Galata Wind


Engaged in solar and wind power generation, Galata Wind Enerji A.Ş. aims to save 120 MWh of electricity annually with the SPP system installed on the roof of Doğan Holding’s head office.

Sunflower, a subsidiary of Galata Wind Enerji, has installed a 99kWp SPP system on the roof of Doğan Holding's head office, which generates 100% renewable energy. With its commissioning, Doğan Holding will achieve energy savings of 120 MWh annually.

Boasting not only investments in common energy resources, but also new storage and distribution technologies for commercial needs, Galata Wind Enerji aims to enable every home and workplace to generate its own clean energy with its subsidiary Sunflower, which it established on its vision of ‘A Clean Future for Clean Energy’ with a foresight into the future contribution potential eco-conscious energy has in store for our country.

“We enable homes and workplaces to generate their own clean energy”

Commenting on the development, Burak Kuyan, General Manager of Galata Wind Enerji, stated that they generate electricity from green and 100% renewable energy sources with Galata Wind’s total installed capacity of 269 MW, and added:

“Our company Sunflower, where we also focus on distributed generation, is a subsidiary of Galata Wind. Committed to the principle of 100% clean energy, Galata Wind shapes not only the present but also the future. Striving to become Turkey's clean energy provider, we work with the Sunflower brand to boost the 110 kW we put into use for commercial and industrial rooftop solar projects to reach our 1 MW target, and to ensure that every house and workplace generates its own clean energy. One of our first pilots was installing a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system at Doğan Holding's head office. Doğan Holding’s head office now satisfies a certain portion of its electricity need with the rooftop PV system we installed.”

Doğan Holding focuses on positive impact across all its investments by leveraging the innovative and value-oriented business opportunities the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide, and implements its sustainability transformation within the framework of the "Doğan Impact Plan" with a view to achieving organization-wide carbon neutrality by 2030.

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