Doğan Holding Management meets with Investors


Çağlar Göğüş, CEO, Doğan Holding, who spoke at the Investor Relations Meetings for the leading investors of Turkey held by Doğan Holding, said that the group achieved a more focused and agile structure after the sales in media and retail business lines. Göğüş pointed out that Doğan Holding which is rather known as a media group is in fact a group operating in the energy, fuel retailing, finance, internet-entertainment, industry, automotive, tourism, trade and real estate sectors. Likening Doğan Holding to a private equity fund that invests in strategic areas, Göğüş said "We will keep on making new investments related to traditional and/or innovative business areas."

Investors showed a great interest in the Investor Relations Meeting held by Doğan Holding at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus. The meeting where Çağlar Göğüş, CEO of Doğan Holding delivered a detailed presentation about the Holding was attended by representatives and managers of the leading brokerage houses, portfolio management companies and pension funds of Turkey. In his presentation, Göğüş, CEO of Doğan Holding emphasized that Doğan Holding is rather known as a media group, but is in fact a group operating in the energy, fuel retailing, finance, internet-entertainment, industry, automotive, tourism, trade and real estate sectors. Göğüş pointed out that Doğan Holding can be likened to a private equity fund investing in strategically important areas.

Göğüş underlined the fact that Doğan Holding proceeded to a new stage in focusing and efficiency strategy and achieved a more agile structure, effective from 2018, following the sales of assets in media and retail business lines. Pointing out that Doğan Holding undertook successful projects in its business sectors in the light of its focusing and efficiency strategy pursued since 2017 and continued to increase its consolidated profitability and asset quality, Göğüş said that they achieved outstanding financial and operational results in 2018 reporting period with the responsibility and experience of being among the oldest private sector companies of Turkey with their 60-year history.

“Consolidated revenues reached TL 12.1 billion with a 57 percent increase."

Göğüş stated that consolidated revenues from Doğan Holding's continued operations climbed to TL 12 billon 146 million as of the end of 2018, up 57% compared to a year ago and provided the following details about the Holding's financial performance:

"Our Holding recorded a profit of TL 3 billion 567 million with the effect of subsidiary sales profits and exchange rate gains as a result of the sales of affiliates carried out successfully in the light of focusing and efficiency strategy in 2018, whereas the net profits of the parent company for the period stood at TL 3 billion 633 million. The largest contribution to the increase in our revenues were made by Aytemiz that increased the number of its dealers. In addition, the revenues of the fuel retailing and electricity production and trade segments accounted for 85% of the consolidated total revenues. The consolidated gross profits of our holding reached TL 1 billion 15 million with a 100.0% increase as of the end of 2018 The increases seen in the gross profits of all our business segments raised the gross profit margin of Doğan Holding to 8.4%, whereas our EBITDA climbed to TL 603 million, up 7.9%. Our real operating profit rose from TL 73 million to TL 1.265 million as of the end of 2018 compared to the same period of the previous year."

"Our total installed power reached 201.8 Megawatts with renewable energy investments."

Göğüş who stated that they continued to increase the total number of dealers as of the end of 2018 in the fuel retail sector that lent the highest contribution to consolidated revenues said "Our total installed power in the energy area, including solar and wind power plants, i.e. types of renewable energy, reached 201.8 MW as of March 31, 2019 Çelik Halat and Ditaş, our companies enjoying the largest share in our exports in the industry business segment, managed to yield outstanding financial and operational results in 2018 reporting period."

“NetD, our music trademark, is the 4th most viewed channel of the world”

Göğüş, who pointed out that Doruk Faktoring operating in the financial services segment which is a rising line of business of the holding successfully completed the issue of bills worth TL 62.8 million, said "In the real estate segment, we have integrated Trump Towers to Doğan Holding. In the internet and entertainment sector, NetD, our music brand, became the fourth most viewed Youtube channel of the world with 12.6 million subscribers in 2018 and turned into a company followed by the players in the sector worldwide. With more than 70 magazines, Doğan Burda Magazine group became the dominant player of the market with 42% in magazine sales and 46% in advertisement sales. Doğan Egmont is a leader with 13% share in publications for children, and is among the top 5 printing houses in publications for adults. Goldman Sachs, one of the forthcoming investment banks of the world, became a partner of Hürriyet Emlak”

"We will continue to invest in traditional and innovative business areas."

Reminding that they incorporated Öncü Venture Capital Trust in 2014 to invest in segments strategically important for Doğan Group, Göğüş said, "Through Öncü Venture Capital Trust that rational guides our investments we invested in companies such as Insider, a technology company, "Edutainment", a prominent company in mother-child segment, Düşyeri Cartoon Movie Studio, and Tavuk Dünyası, a company ranked in the first 20 among the 100 faster growing companies of Turkey".

Pointing out that Doğan Holding is a company worthy of attention among investors with its 60-year experience and successful merger and acquisition transactions, scheduled new investments and strong revenue, cash and EBITDA increases, attractive share price according to its net book value as a BIST-30 company, its sound financial structure and creditworthiness, sustainable growth, stable profit distribution policy and share repurchase program, Göğüş said that the group operating in several lines of business will continue to be engaged and invest in traditional and/or innovative business segments also in 2019.

Investors and representatives of leading brokerage houses such as İş Portföy, Garanti Portföy, Yapı Kredi Portföy, Ziraat Portföy, Oyak Yatırım, TEB Portföy, Ak Portföy, ICBC Portföy, Erste Sparinvest, Taaleri, Işık Menkul Kıymetler, Integral Yatırım, QNB Finans Portföy, Alan Yatırım Menkul Değerler, Ata Portföy, Gedik Yatırım, Tacirler Portföy and Marmara Capital participated in the Investor Relations Meeting organized by Doğan Holding. The attendees to the meeting also included Ahmet Toksoy, Member of the Board of Directors of Doğan Holding and Chief Financial Officer, Vedat Mungan, Member of Executive Committee of Doğan Holding (Strategy and Business Development), Murat Doğu, Vice President of Finance of Doğan Holding, Neslihan Sadıkoğlu Vice President of Corporate Communication and Marketing of Doğan Holding, and Sena Hertaş, Investor Relations Manager of Doğan Holding.

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