Doğan Holding Increases Turnover by 14 Per Cent, Focuses on Growth in 2012


Chairwoman of Doğan Holding, Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı said, “With one of the strongest balance sheets in the country, we are in an excellent position to seize investment opportunities in Turkey, thanks to our management experience in a wide range of sectors.” CEO Yahya Üzdiyen said, “We increased our turnover by 14 per cent in 2011, and invested a total of 585 million TL. Our 5 year goal is earning 30 per cent of our turnover from abroad.”  
Doğan Holding announced financial results for 2011 and their goals for 2012. Chairwoman Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı stated that 2011 has seen them taking steps to maintain sustainable growth and increase in efficiency, and that they regard 2012 as a veritable cornucopia of investment opportunities. Doğan Faralyalı continued, “We aim to maintain our pioneering position in the media, grow in the sectors in which we operate, make selective investments in new sectors we believe we will be adding value to, and be one of the most successful groups not only in Turkey but across the entire region. Media and energy shall continue to remain as our main fields of activity.”
Adding that Doğan Group is reaching millions both in Turkey and abroad everyday through its media channels, Doğan Faralyalı went on to say, “Our objective is to maintain our pioneering position in print and visual media in Turkey, make new investments in online media and take our knowhow and expertise beyond our borders. We foresee that the advertising market shall grow sevenfold by 2023, to a volume of 20 billion dollars. We will make the best use of such an organic growth opportunity as the sector leader.”
Emphasizing that energy will be playing a more prominent role within Doğan Group’s vision for the future, Doğan Faralyalı said, “Turkey first and foremost needs to meet the energy resource requirements in order to sustain its fast economic growth. Therefore, we plan to further our investment efforts in this field, including renewables.” 
Doğan Faralyalı closed by stating, “With one of the strongest balance sheets in the country, we are in an excellent position to seize investment opportunities in Turkey, thanks to our management experience in a wide range of sectors. Thus, we will continue investing in sectors where we will reach high growth and create value.”
Group turnover hits the 2.9 billion TL mark with a 14% increase
Highlighting the net increase in consolidated sales Doğan Holding enjoyed last year, CEO Yahya Üzdiyen said, “We increased our turnover by 14 per cent in 2011, and invested a total of 585 million TL. In our media operations, we strengthened our capital structure by creating a 1.75 billion TL resource through capital increase and asset sales that bring sustainability and efficiency to the forefront. Moreover, we structured our debt in a way that eliminated any and all disputes regarding the tax penalty proceedings of our subsidiaries. Our 5 year goal is to earn 30 per cent of our turnover from abroad by seizing investment opportunities that fall within the realm of our operations.”
On the lookout for energy investment and privatization opportunities
Üzdiyen said energy sector, which plays an important role for Turkey’s growth performance, is one of the fundamental areas for Doğan Group, and continued, “Our efforts in energy include electricity production as well as oil exploration and production. As to the electricity production, we have invested a total amount of 1.5 billion dollars, together with our partners. Boyabat and Aslancık projects will be producing a total of 2 billion KwH, with a combined installed power of 633 MW, between the two. Boyabat will be operating at full capacity at the end of this year, while Aslancık will be following suit during the second half of 2013. Work is underway as we speak in Northern Iraq in oil exploration and production with our partners. Here, we are talking about a 42 million dollar investment, wholly paid out of our equities. We do have a confirmed oil reserve in the amount of 135 million barrels. As a group, we will further our efforts to seize investment opportunities in production and distribution in all segments of energy, including electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and renewables in 2012.”
Touching on other areas of activity, Üzdiyen went on to say, “The undisputed sector leader with 115 stores across 24 cities and a total of 45000 square meters of retail space, D&R will be the focal point of growth in retail in 2012. While growing in retail space with D&R stores, we will be looking for investment opportunities, as well. We will be keeping a close eye on privatization efforts in infrastructure operations and luck games. Also, we will be watching out for cooperation opportunities promising operational diversity and growth in tourism and industry. Apart from the new investments that may come our way, we will be investing in 398 million TL for ongoing projects in 2012.”
Organic dairy farming model for Turkey
Mentioning that Doğan Organik Ürünler operates the largest organic livestock farm of the country in Kelkit, which had also been named one of the top 10 socially responsible investments in Europe by the European Union Directorate of Business Concerns, Üzdiyen elaborated, “We are producing close to 10,000 tons of milk annually, together with around one hundred contract farmers in feed production and stock farming; and providing support for regional development. We are the sole supplier of raw material for organic drinking milk. The vocational high school, built by the Aydın Doğan Foundation, features the first ever organic farming department in Turkey. Our mission was to set an organic dairy farming model for Turkey, I can say we acheived that.”
As for Doğan Group Companies in industrial operations, Çelik Halat and Ditaş Doğan completed 2011 with increased market shares. Exporting products to 37 countries, Çelik Halat increased its market share to 35 per cent, with an increase of 25 per cent in sales. As for Ditaş, the largest manufacturer in automotive aftermarket industry, manufacturing both for Original Equipment Manufacturers and the aftermarket, market share rose to 26 per cent through a 39 per cent increase in 2011 sales. 

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