Doğan Holding Announced its 3Q14 Financial Results


Total consolidated revenues increased by 8% yoy to TL2,635 mn in 9M14.

Media segment revenues were almost in line with the previous year, while revenue growth attained in Retail, Energy and Other segments.

Due to higher COGS and Operating Expenses, EBITDA was TL165 mn in 9M14; while EBITDA margin was 6.3%.

Share of loss on investments accounted by equity method came down by TL39mn to TL60 mn.

Due to fx volatility, Net Other Operating Income and Net Income from investment activities were lower in 9M14, vs. 9M13; while Net Financial Expenses came down by TL150 mn to TL200 mn.

Net loss (attributable to equity holders) realized at TL96 mn; as a result of higher costs and operating expenses.

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