Doğan Holding Announced its 1H12 Financial Results


Total consolidated revenues of Doğan Holding in 1H12 increased by 12% yoy to TL1,565 mn.

Consolidated EBITDA was TL 172 mn; while EBITDA margin was 11%. Net Other Operating income was TL149 mn, due to the Hurriyet’s asset sale; vs. Net Other Operating Expense of TL933 mn in 1H11 due to the tax expense set aside through restructuring
of “disputed tax debts” and “tax base increase”.

Due to cash holdings in fx and TL’s strength in 1H12, fx losses led to Net Financial Expense of TL24 mn, vs. net financial income of TL126 mn in 1H11. Net profit (attributable to equity holders) stood at TL91 mn in 1H12, vs. loss of TL673 mn in 1H11.

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