Doğan Group: Turkey's Future Is Our Future


Doğan Group keeps promise made 14 months before.

During ceremonies held at Ataturk University Kelkit Aydın Doğan Vocational School and Kelkit Organic Livestock Breeding Facility by Doğan Organik Ürünler, Aydın Doğan, Chairman of Doğan Holding was honored by the Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and other members of the Cabinet who were also present.

In a touching speech, Mr. Doğan stressed the importance given to social responsibility projects by the Group and set his objective with the Vocational School as attracting qualified students from all around Turkey to get a good education. The School was donated to Atatürk University and will be training technicians in the fields of accounting, computer programming and organic farming & agriculture. On the 40,000-square-meter-campus, there are male and female dormitories, housing for the faculty members, labs, a gym and an auditorium. In his speech, Mr. Doğan added that there will be close relations between the Vocational School and Doğan Organik Ürünler which will set an example for university-private sector cooperation.

The Group's large scale social investment, Kelkit Organic Livestock Breeding Facility will use all the state-of-the art agricultural and farming techniques and will be an asset for Turkey to compete globally. This project is expected to provide employment, source of income and training on organic agriculture for more than 1,000 families and draw foreign investment to the region.

In closing, Mr. Doğan stated that democracy in a country can only flourish if the media has integrity, is free and transparent. He promised to fight against groups using their media channels to clear their names, and called the state, civil society and private sector to cooperate in this crusade.

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