Aydın Doğan Receives German Award Golden Victoria


Aydin Dogan received the "Golden Victoria" award from the German Union of Magazine Publishers (VDZ) on November 17. He received the award for his contributions to the integration between Turkish-German people. The award ceremony in Berlin was attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and a thousand people from the German political, business and media circles. 

In his speech German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble talked about Aydın Doğan’s huge contributions to Turkish-German relations and the effectiveness of Doğan group and especially of Hürriyet at the Turkey-Germany Euro 2008 Semi Final Match to create a friendly environment. 

Schaeuble also mentioned the joint effort of Hürriyet and Bild to combat the caricature crisis and the tension about the fire in Ludwigshafen, and the cooperation between Doğan Group and ZDF to ease the adaptation of Turkish workers to Germany. The Interior Minister also said that Doğan Group succeeded in its efforts to bring the people of Germany and Turkey closer by embracing their differences.

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