Aydın Doğan received his 20th year badge at the 66th anniversary of Daily Hürriyet


Doğan Holding Honourary Chairman Aydın Doğan received a 20th year badge at the ceremony held in daily Hürriyet's garden, along with many employees of the Doğan Media Group. Daily Hürriyet celebrates 66th year anniversary One of Turkey's oldest newspapers Hürriyet celebrates its 66th anniversary at a ceremony at its İstanbul office where veteran journalists and other employers received acknowledgement for their work.

Turkey's mainstream newspaper Hürriyet has celebrated its 66th anniversary at a ceremony in İstanbul where Aydın Doğan, founder and honorary chairman of Doğan Holding, made a speech about journalism in Turkey. Aydın Doğan received the 20th year badge on June 13 in the ceremony held in daily Hürriyet's garden, along with many other employers of Doğan Media, including those who received the 50th year badge. Doğan told the ceremony that the main principle of journalism should be the accuracy of the news. "Journalists should not worry whether who will be negatively affected by his/her the story. The main concern should be whether the story is accurate. The diversity of opinions is richness. There should be freedom, but not without limit. Opinions that besmirch one's reputation are like cutting the tree you have climbed on. Turkey is changing; society is changing. We have to better understand this change. Let's leave prejudices behind and try to understand everyone and stay objective," Doğan said in the ceremony. He also said he has paid the price for doing independent journalism, both during the 1980 military coup and from the governments following the coup term. He recalled that daily Hürriyet is the first institution in Turkey that declared press publishing principles. "We are the first media institution [in Turkey that released press publishing principles. We have renewed them in line with the changing technology and conditions," he added.

Doğan said the polarization in Turkey's politics have also been reflected in the press. "We do not want to be a part of this polarization. We are trying to do just and independent journalism. We want to comply with the international standards, while also embracing justice and consciousness," he added. He also added financial independence of the press makes it free. He added that today, the number of newspapers and televisions which are financially independent are very low. He also stated the media should not "make politics." "We believe media should not make politics, but it should smooth the way for politics. It should defend the real agenda of Turkey. There should be a platform where al ideas are independently debated," said Doğan.

He also said Doğan media group supported the government-led peace process regarding the Kurdish problem. "Our publications have never been provocative. We all must respect everyone's identities and beliefs to unite Turkey under peace. We have shown our responsibility by supporting the peace process. We will continue this way. We have embraced the principles of our Republic, particularly our flag," said Doğan. Doğan also said he is praying for the Turkish citizens who have been abducted in Mosul.

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