A brand-new experience in Investment Banking…


Doğan Investment Bank commences operations for a brand-new investment banking experience with its competent and experienced team and value-added solutions

Established by Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. with an initial capital of TRY 200 million, Doğan Investment Bank has started its activities after obtaining the necessary operating permits from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Doğan Holding CEO Çağlar Göğüş and Doğan Investment Bank CEO Hulusi Horozoğlu hosted a press conference, whereby they announced that the new Bank will be addressing the banking and financing needs of companies in Turkey with a competent team having significant international experience. The new Bank will be providing companies with value-added products and services on matters including but not limited to mergers and acquisitions, access to international funding and capital markets issuances. Horozoğlu noted that Doğan Investment Bank aims to offer a brand-new experience in investment banking as being one of Turkey’s most reliable and competent representatives of the global financial system.

Doğan Investment Bank has begun providing value added services to the business world in areas ranging from basic banking products to treasury solutions, from investment banking services to sustainability focused financial advisory services, and from structured finance to digital financing solutions.

Having made an ambitious entry into the financial market with its competent and experienced team and through leveraging Doğan Group's deep-rooted history, experience and culture of adding value, Doğan Investment Bank aims to bring a new approach to investment banking in Turkey and targets to be one of Turkey's most reliable representatives of the global financial system. Doğan Holding CEO Çağlar Göğüş and Doğan Investment Bank CEO Hulusi Horozoğlu held a press conference on October 13 announcing the commencement of operations of the new Bank.

Çağlar Göğüş: “We will make a difference in the investment banking landscape of Turkey”

Doğan Holding CEO Çağlar Göğüş stated that Doğan Group has been giving back to Turkish society by investing in Turkey in the past 62 years. The Group continued to generate value for the country even during the pandemic and invested TRY 1.5 billion through expanding its operations since 2020 with the understanding that "if Turkey is doing well, so we are." Stating Doğan Investment Bank is their latest valuable contribution to the Turkish banking industry where the Group has significant prior experience and knowhow. Göğüş said: "In this new period, when the pandemic has caused economic woes and made transformation a necessity for survival, we have seen that businesses require different financing alternatives besides conventional financing methods. To this end, we are committed to go the extra mile and to take further responsibility than just giving advisory services. By leveraging the competitive edge, thanks to our Group's experience, knowledge and strong fund generation capacity coupled with the competent and experienced team of Dogan Investment Bank, we are confident that we will make a difference in Turkey. Regardless of the size, we plan to provide financing solutions to companies in Turkey, which have export potential and value-added products and services. Furthermore, creating financial instruments for the rapidly developing venture capital ecosystem is still in its infant stage in Turkey, this will also be one of our agenda items."

Hulusi Horozoğlu: “We will offer all banking products and services with a ‘one bank’ approach”

Doğan Investment Bank CEO Hulusi Horozoğlu stated that Doğan Investment Bank will provide products and services to corporate and commercial banking customers such as structured finance, investment banking, treasury solutions, cash management, trade financing as well as digital financing and other banking products. He noted that the Bank aims to make a difference in the industry with its competent and experienced team by capitalizing on Doğan Holding's deep-rooted history, culture of creating value and experience in the finance industry, offering value-added products and services tailored to the needs of companies with the "one bank approach". Horozoğlu highlighted that investment banking has significant growth potential in Turkey parallel to the rising global interest towards this area, and mentioned that:

"With the development trend of the capital markets, the investment banking operations in Turkey are also in a growth trend. We believe that important investment banking services can be offered to companies in Turkey such as structured finance, merger and acquisition advisory, securities issuances and initial public offerings. By raising financial awareness in this front, we will support our customers to diversify their debt and capital bases while contributing to their sustainable and healthy operational growth.

To achieve this end, our Bank's primary strategy is to offer products and services tailored to the needs of corporate and commercial banking customers with investment banking and structured finance products, as well as transactional banking and treasury solutions. Our objective in investment banking is to enable our customers to achieve their strategic goals by providing them with merger and acquisition (M&A) and initial public offerings advisory, equity linked value-added products and services. In the field of structured finance, our goal is to provide financing solutions to companies aiming for healthy and sustainable growth for all their financing needs that cannot be met with standard loans. Accordingly, we intend to expand our range of structured finance products and services with financial advisory, private placements, club and syndicated loans, sustainable financing instruments, cash flow-based project financing, Islamic finance products, export credit agency backed facilities, local market debt issuances and loans from multilaterals and development banks. Our vision is to be the bank of the clients when it comes to investment banking and structured finance in Turkey with our competent and experienced team delivering the best practices in investment banking and structured finance."

“We will support our customers in getting their share from the sustainable finance market”

Horozoğlu highlighted that Doğan Investment Bank will raise awareness around sustainability and will promote value added business opportunities with adherence to United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and, stated that: "We will support our customers' investments to enable them to take their share from the global sustainable finance market which currently reached to US$2 trillion worldwide. For this end, as Doğan Investment Bank, we will provide competent advisory services to our customers in relation to their sustainability transformation and access to sustainable finance.

In addition to all these services, by benefiting from Doğan Group's experience in e-commerce and digitalization, as Doğan Investment Bank, we target to build digital platforms with artificial intelligence based on credit decision engines to provide solutions to the financial needs of SMEs in the supply chain ecosystem of e-commerce platforms. Horozoğlu said:

"We target to localize the best global practices in this field. Being part of Doğan Group, we believe that our Group's strength, reputation and experience will offer significant advantages to this end. Adhering to our Group's culture of generating value and its vision of sustainable growth, with our competent and experienced team, we will strive to create benefits for our customers and also contribute to the welfare of the Turkish economy."


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