8th of March, International Women’s Day Message by Begüm Doğan Faralyalı


“For a better world and a safe, peaceful, sustainable and prosperous future, there must be more women leaders in every field.”

Having taken the whole world by storm, Covid-19 pandemic has had an even deeper impact on women. Transition to remote working models and interruption in organized education, causing children stay home, due to lockdown measures has led to an increase in the burden of care on women, as well as domestic violence against them.

On the other hand, women, who constitute 70% of the healthcare and social workers around the globe, fought on the frontline of the pandemic. We witnessed the inspiring accomplishments of women in various fields from treatment to developing innovative medication and vaccines, in spite of the existing inequality. Countries ruled by women had a better management on the pandemic crisis.

The presence of more women is much needed in the business world, too. Companies having a higher women representation in their boards care more to invest in renewable energy, low-emission products and energy efficiency. Once again, women leaders are more open to cooperation, more skilled at making decisions for the benefit of everyone, more fair, and closer to adopt inclusive and sustainable strategies.

In brief, there must be more women leaders in every field for a better world and a safe, peaceful, sustainable and prosperous future.

At Doğan Holding, we have strived, for years, to empower women through our landmark projects, and stood by them, supported them in their fight for equality. We have touched the lives of thousands of girls with especially our “Daddy, Send Me To School (BBOG)” movement, started to provide the girls with equal access to education. We have raised a greater awareness in the public opinion with our “No to Domestic Violence!” campaign, carried out to fight the violence against women. We continue supporting the girls, and young women attending universities by “Strong Girls, Strong Tomorrows” project of the Aydın Doğan Foundation.

As an established organization dating back to 60 years, we commit to social development, environment, next generations, protection of diversity and ensuring equality, and define ourselves as a “Value-based, Accountable Investment Holding”. To this end, one of the top key areas we have embraced as part of the Doğan Group’s Sustainability Strategy, namely the “Doğan Plan of Action”, is “Investing on an Inclusive Society”. In line with the decision we have made, we aim to have increased the rate of women leaders in Doğan Group companies to 40%, and women representation on our boards to at least 30% by 2025.

By extending a greater support to women in our society and in our Group, we are working towards a stronger position for women in decision-making mechanisms.

That is because we dream of a world where the women are free and equal; and we know that this would mean a better life for anyone. With these thoughts in mind, I wholeheartedly celebrate 8th of March, International Women’s Day of every woman and wish for health, peace, success and happiness.

Chairwoman of the Board, Doğan Holding

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