Regarding Independent Board Member Nominees


According to the notification received from Capital Markets Board on 15.04.2024 (today), dated 05.04.2024, pursuant to the CMB's "Corporate Governance Communique no. II-17.1, the followings had been resolved:


-        No negative opinions are be expressed regarding the nomination of Ms. Ayşegül İLDENİZ, Mr. Ali Fuat ERBİL and Mr. Ali Aydın PANDIR as independent board members,


-        Our request to extend the term of Mr. Hüseyin Faik AÇIKALIN, who currently serves as an independent member of the board of directors in our company, by one year was received positively.


Mr. Hüseyin Faik AÇIKALIN, within the scope of the 5th paragraph of Article 6 of the communiqué,  shall also be an independent board member nominee at the General Assembly, which will be held to discuss operational results of the 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023 fiscal period considering the fact that he fits the critera set forth in the communique with the exception of the criterion of "not having served as a board member on the company's board of directors for more than six years in the last ten years", his professional career, experience in the field of finance, his command of the company's corporate memory due to his 6-year tenure in the company,  independent contribution level to the company's current and potential activities and compliance with changing legislation.


In this respect; we respectfully inform the public and our shareholders that Ms. Ayşegül İLDENİZ, Mr. Ali Fuat ERBİL, Mr. Ali Aydın PANDIR and Mr. Hüseyin Faik AÇIKALIN are independent board member nominees at our Company's Ordinary General Assembly Meeting for the fiscal period of 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2023. 

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