Purchase of Financial Fixed Asset (DD Finansman)


During the Board of Directors of our Company held on June 15, 2017, no. 2017/16, it was decided to take over and acquire by paying 4,000,000 Euros for 25,480 Group A registered shares, each with a nominal value of 1,000 Turkish Liras, held by Deutsche Bank A.G., one of the other shareholder at DD Finansman A.Ş., whereby we have a share of 48% in the fully paid capital of 52,000,000 Turkish Liras, and all shares representing 49% of the capital of DD Finansman A.Ş., provided that the legal approvals required for share transfer are obtained, and that “closing pre-requisites” are fulfilled, as a result of assessing the share transfer as a transfer of financial liabilities at the same time, within the scope of the capital and operational cash requirements of DD Finansman A.Ş. for the future.

Following the above-mentioned share transfer transaction, our shareholding ratio in DD Finansman A.Ş. shall increase to 97%.

Purchase of Financial Fixed Asset (DD Finansman)

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