Participation in Capital Increase


As per the general assembly resolution made within the scope of our 87.87%-owned direct subsidiary Doğan TV Holding A.Ş.’ capital increase from 1,360,016,087 Turkish Liras to 1,982,200,0000 Turkish Liras, via 173,984,499 Turkish Liras internal sources, and 448,199,414 Turkish Liras in cash; our company has paid today the amount of 96,260,586 Turkish Liras of the 448,199,414 Turkish Liras, which will be committed by our Company and paid in cash during the course of the capital increase, to Doğan TV Holding A.Ş. within the scope of the capital increase. With this final payment, as part of the capital commitment, total amount paid for capital increase reached TL 448,199,414 and whole cash capital commitment has been liquidated.

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