Notification on Buying and Selling Non-Share Capital Markets Instrument


During our Board Meeting dated 01.03.2019,


It has been resolved to buy, in return for 17,397,513.60 Turkish Liras, 19,680,000 shares of the financing bonds, of our direct subsidiary Doruk Faktoring A.Ş., with a nominal value of 19,680,000 Turkish Liras, whereby we have 99.99% shares in the fully issued capital of 40,000,000 Turkish Liras, which shares was issued and sold outside Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. to qualified investors on March 01, 2019 (today), without holding a public offering, with a term of 178 days, and the discounted selling price is 0.88402 Turkish Liras each (nominal value of 1 Turkish Liras).


The purchase price is the same with the purchase price of the 3rd parties buying in this issuance.


Following the completion of the issuance and the selling procedures, the mentioned financing bonds will start being traded among the qualified investors in the Outright Purchases and Sales Market of the Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Borrowing Instruments Market.


A separate “valuation report” has not been obtained as the transaction amount remains below the criteria set forth in section (a) of paragraph 2 of Article 9 of “”II-17.1 Corporate Governance Decree” of the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”).

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