Non-current Financial Asset Sale


Non-current Financial Asset Sale

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Non-current Financial Asset Sale


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Announcement Content


Board of Directors’ Resolution Date Regarding Sale



Did the Majority of Independent Members Approve the Board of Directors' Resolution Regarding the Sale?



Sold Financial Asset’s Title

D Yatırım Bankası A.Ş.


Sold Financial Asset’s Field of Operation

Investment Banking


Sold Financial Asset’s Capital

TL 200,000,000


Transaction Finalized/Due to be Finalized on:



Sale Terms

Peşin (Cash)


Nominal Value of Shares Sold

TL 18,000,000


Selling Price per Share

TL 1.1877


Total Amount

TL 21,379,410


Ratio of Sold Shares to the Non-current Financial Asset’s Capital (%)



Ratio of Total Shares After the Sale to the Non-current Financial Asset’s Capital (%)



Ratio of Voting Rights in the Non-current Financial Asset After Sale (%)



Ratio of the Sold Non-current Financial Asset to the Parent Company’s Total Assets in the Latest Disclosed Financial Statements (%)



Ratio of the Transaction Amount to the Parent Company’s Total Revenues in the Latest Disclosed Annual Financial Statements (%)



Impact on the Parent Company’s Operations

No significant impact is anticipated.


Profit/Loss Amount as a result of the Sale

The “subsidiary share sales profit” that will arise in the legal records according to the Tax Procedure Law provisions is calculated as TL 3,379,410.


How will the Sales Profit, if any, be utilized?

The company plans to utilize the sales profit to finance its activities.


Board of Directors’ Resolution Date Regarding How the Sales Profit, if any, will be utilized

As of the date of this disclosure, the Board of Board of Directors has not passed a resolution regarding how the sales profit would be utilized.


Full Name/Title of the Buyer

DHI Investment B.V.


Is the Other Party a Related Party According to CMB Regulations?

Evet (Yes)


Relationship Between the Parent Company and the Buyer

DHI Investment B.V. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company.


Date of Agreement regarding the Transaction, if any



Valuation Method for the Non-current Financial Assets

Valuation Report


Was a Valuation Report prepared?

Düzenlendi (Prepared)


Reason for not Preparing a Valuation Report

Düzenlendi (Prepared)


Date and Number of Valuation Report, if prepared



Title of the Organization that prepared the Valuation Report

DRT Kurumsal Finansal Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.


Value Determined According to the Valuation Report

TL 237,549,000 (total value of D Yatırım Bankası A.Ş.)


Reason for not Performing the Transaction According to the Valuation Report Results

Transaction has been performed according to the Valuation Report results.




The Board of Directors has convened on 20.06.2022 (today) and resolved, in summary, to initiate the procedures to sell and transfer 18,000,000 shares, with a total nominal value of TL 18,000,000, corresponding to 9% of the capital of D Yatırım Bankası A.Ş., out of the 199,998,180 shares that we hold representing 99.999090% of the total capital of TL 200,000,000 of D Yatırım Bankası A.Ş. to DHI Investment B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of our company, in cash for TL 21,379,410, representing 9% of the total value of TL 237,549,000 according to the valuation report prepared for this purpose. Further to this resolution, a ‘Share Transfer Agreement’ was signed with DHI Investment B.V. on 20.06.2022.

The sale and transfer transactions of the “Non-current Financial Asset”, described herein in detail, are anticipated to remain below the limits specified in Article 6 “Materiality criteria” of the Capital Markets Board Communiqué No. II-23.1 on Material Transactions and Exit Right (CMB Communiqué II-23.1).



We proclaim that our above disclosure is in conformity with the principles set down in “Material Events Communiqué” of Capital Markets Board, and it fully reflects all information coming to our knowledge on the subject matter thereof, and it is in conformity with our books, records and documents, and all reasonable efforts have been shown by our Company in order to obtain all information fully and accurately about the subject matter thereof, and we’re personally liable for the disclosures.



The English version is a convenience translation. In case of a discrepancy between the Turkish and the English versions of this disclosure, the Turkish version will prevail.

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