Measures Taken Against the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-2019)


Distinguished Stakeholders,


Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. ("Doğan Holding"), along with its subsidiaries and affiliates, carefully monitors all the developments starting from the time COVID-2019 has started to spread. Within this context, our Executive Board is in charge with full authority and responsibility. A separate taskforce specifically dedicated to this issue instantly follows the developments in our subsidiaries and affiliates, and ensures that the necessary actions are taken as soon as possible.


Our business plans and responsibilities are coordinated in compliance with the instructions issued by the relevant Ministries, the statements of the World Health Organization ("WHO"), and the fact that the COVID-2019 has been declared a pandemic.


In order to prevent COVID-2019 from spreading and creating any adverse situations; utmost care is exercised to comply with the instructions issued, restrictions and principles announced for the health and the well-being of our employees, customers, business partners, and the entire community. Accordingly, there may be a temporary suspension of activities at some of our companies.


"Business continuity" plans have been prepared in all of our Companies according to different scenarios, and our staff members exercise maximum efforts to ensure the continuity of production and service areas either from their offices, from production facilities or from their homes via remote access. All necessary measures have been and are being taken.


Doğan Holding's subsidiaries and affiliates instantly monitor the direct and indirect effects of COVID-2019 on its activities and regularly analyze them. To the best of our knowledge, while COVID-2019 is expected to have an impact on our operational results, this impact is expected to be limited due to our strong net cash position, and the diversity of subsidiaries and affiliates in our portfolio. Our Companies do not have any issues in terms of accessing credit, and we do not have any liquidity problems. 


In the upcoming term, we will be closely following the developments and we will be making necessary disclosures to the public when deemed necessary due to the relevant Legislation. During this course, we would like to state that the news not originating from our Company are not to be heeded, and that Doğan Holding Investor Relations Department is always ready to answer all questions from investors within the limitations of the relevant legislation.

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