CMB approval for the merger


The Merger Announcement Text for the “simplified manner” merger transaction to be carried out under our Company through the take-over, as an entirety with all its assets and liabilities, of Doğan Platform Yatırımları A.Ş., the capital of which our Company has a 100% share in, as per the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Corporate Tax Law, the Capital Markets Board, and the provisions of the “Communique on Merger and Spin-off Transactions”, No. II-23.2 of the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”) has been approved with the CMB Resolution of 23.06.2015, no. 16/805, and the relevant approval has been served to our Company with the CMB letter of 24.06.2014, no. 29833736-

The Merger Announcement Text as well as the Financial Statements, which are the appendices thereof, and the Merger Contract are enclosed, and they are furthermore announced in the Corporate Website of our Company at the address of

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