Announcement Regarding the Participation in Capital Increase of Subsidiary


As per the following decisions of the Board of Directors of our Company’s subsidiary Ditaş Doğan Yedek Parça İmalat ve Teknik A.Ş. (Ditaş A.Ş.), dated September 12, 2022:

  • To update the prospectus, which was presented to the Capital Markets Board on May 16, 2022, with 2022 first half financials in addition to the audited last three year financials,
  • To determine the capital increase amount as TRY 16,500,00 in the updated prospectus, in this respect, to increase the paid-in capital of Ditaş A.Ş. by TRY 16,500,000, to TRY 42,500,000 from the current TRY 26,000,000 in cash, without any restriction on the rights the purchase new shares.

Our Company’s Board of Directors has resolved the followings, in addition to other matters:

  • To fully exercise our pre-emptive rights in Ditaş A.Ş’s abovementioned capital increase,
  • To provide commitment to Ditaş A.Ş that unsold shares in the public offering after the exercise of pre-emptive rights by the existing shareholders shall be purchased by our Company,
  • To fully utilize the TRY 10,000,000 capital advance, which was proceeded to Ditaş A.Ş. accounts by our Company to be used in Ditaş A.Ş. operations, without any maturity and to be netted off with the liability arising from the mentioned capital increase.

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