Announcement Regarding the Board of Directors Committees


Our Company's Board of Directors has resolved the following at its meeting on April 7, 2023 (today):


1)            Executive Committee will be formed as below;


Executive Committee Members


               Name Surname                 Role


1             Çağlar GÖĞÜŞ                   President (CEO)


2             Bora YALINAY                    Member (CFO)


3             Vedat MUNGAN               Member (Strategic Planning, Business Development and Business Management)


4             Eren SARIÇOĞLU              Member (Business Development and Business Management)


  1. a)            a) Presidents and members of the Board of Directors Committees shall be as following;


Audit Committee Members


               Name Surname                 Role


1             Hüseyin Faik AÇIKALIN   President


2             Ali Fuat ERBİL                    Member


Corporate Governance Committee Members


               Name Surname                 Role


1             Ayşegül İLDENİZ                President


2             Ali Aydın PANDIR             Member


3             Derviş ARDIÇ                     Member


Early Risk Detection Committee Members


               Name Surname                 Role


1             Ali Fuat ERBİL                    President


2             Hüseyin Faik AÇIKALIN   Member


3             Ahmet TOKSOY                 Member


4             Bora YALINAY                    Member


  1. b)            The Corporate Governance Committee shall also undertake the responsibilities of ‘Nomination Committee' and ‘Compensation Committee'.


  1. c)            Committee presidents and members shall not be compensated for their duties in the related committees.

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